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RUSH: We were just talking about what a great country this is. Let me tell you. The Clintons have made more than $50 million since leaving the White House. Fifty million dollars! This is from ABC’s Brian Ross. ‘Hillary Clinton’s been pulling out all the stops to win the Democrat nomination but one: She still hasn’t released her family’s tax returns.’ But ABC did an investigation, and they have found all kinds of evidence that the Clintons have earned more than $50 million since leaving the White House. Here is Brian Ross talking about it on Good Morning America today.

ROSS: An examination of the records Clinton has filed reveals her husband is a partner in an investment fund, Yucaipa Global Partnership, registered in the Cayman Islands. The former president’s Cayman Island investment is part of his dealings with a close friend, Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle. Clinton is also expected to receive a payout of around $20 million for his role as an advisor to Burkle’s investment fund. Clinton also has been paid millions as a consultant for a company run by another close friend, Indian-American businessman Vinod Gupta. Clinton had earned $47 million in speaking fees since leaving the White House. A spokesman for the Clinton campaign says the former president and his wife paid full US taxes at the ordinary income tax rate, meaning they get no special tax breaks because the Cayman investment fund offshore doesn’t give them one, they say. But with taxes, the devil is in the details, and the proof of what they really pay will come when the Clintons finally make public their tax returns sometime, they say, before, April 15th.

RUSH: Oooooo! When is the last time you ever thought you would ever hear a report like this from a Drive-By network about the Clintons? Well, ‘the Clintons say they pay the usual rate, they’re not getting any offshore benefit from being in the Caymans. But with taxes the devil is in the details’? Now, if Clinton’s made $47 million in speaking fees since leaving the White House, and there have been a couple books in there, and don’t forget all the donations to the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, and we don’t know very many people on that list. It’s a great country, folks. It’s a fabulous country! Look, if the Clintons can do it, you can do it. (laughing) Actually, the way they did it, we can’t. That’s the dirty little secret. The way the Clintons did this, we can’t do it. (interruption) I don’t know why you would be… Well, I’m being asked, ‘What possible reasons for being in the Cayman Islands if you don’t care about the offshore tax break?’ You’d have to ask Ron Burkle about this. This is Ron Burkle’s bunch that’s down there, and Clinton is a… (interruption) I know! (interruption) Snerdley. Don’t give me this. Everybody start yelling in my ear now. ‘But the Clintons are always complaining about the offshore guys, how they weren’t paying their fair share of taxes.’ They’re Democrats for crying out loud! I just went through the whole thing. They’re good people; their intentions are honorable. It’s Republicans whose intentions are not honorable. Republicans don’t think we could have a utopia. Republicans do not think the world is perfectible; the Democrats do. So anything they do is okay, because their intentions are honorable. It’s a two-way street in virtually every aspect of life for liberal Democrats.

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