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“You know what happens to you in the middle of the road? You get run over.”

“After the Democrats have chosen their nominee, all of the critical analysis that we are seeing of the Democrats in the Drive-By Media is going to cease, and it will all be transferred to McCain. He will be the sole recipient.”

“To the extent that there’s institutional racism in America, it is in these blue states, run by liberal Democrats for years. Their own kids are not even being serviced in schools. It’s just criminal, the way they’re not being taught and what they are being taught.”

“None of these three candidates has any desire to drill for our own sources of oil.”

“If you are upset about the price of gasoline, you don’t want to listen to this program today because you don’t want to hear the fact that every one of the presidential candidates, all three of them have a global warming plan that’s going to raise taxes and the cost of doing business, which will be passed on to you.”

“I will admit I’m confused. If Senator McCain can’t give a speech where we can understand what he’s saying, then it isn’t a very good speech.”

“People constantly ask me, ‘How did you come up with the name, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network?’ I said, ‘Well, we needed a name for a network. So I’ll just name it after the kind of broadcasting that it’s going to be, excellence,’ and, voila, there it was.”

“I keep telling people: The most expensive commodity we have in this country is ignorance. Not gasoline, not rice, not wheat, not corn.”

“Where is a congressional hearing to bring in Big Gold? Have you looked at the price of jewelry? You gonna go out there and get engaged, get married — I hope not, but if you are — are you going to go out there and buy diamonds? Have you seen the price escalations?”

“I had to learn to paste in the second grade, two pieces of paper, paste. I hated paste. I hated the way it smelled.”


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