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RUSH: Operation Chaos continues to befuddle the Drive-By Media. We’re going to audio sound bite number one, Mike. Last night on PMSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson (Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.) and Chris Matthews had this exchange about what’s going on in Pennsylvania with all the Republican crossovers.

CARLSON: You’ve had about 140,000 people in the state of Pennsylvania switch their registration from Republican to Democrat. How many of those do you believe did that in order to vote for Hillary Clinton? Some, maybe, but you gotta believe common sense tells you that the majority of those — maybe the vast majority — did that in order to vote for Barack Obama. That would be consistent with what we’re seeing in other states. Add to that —



MATTHEWS: Everybody I know fits that description, for a couple of reasons.

CARLSON: That’s exactly right! Exactly.

MATTHEWS: One of my relatives switched to vote not for Barack Obama, she switched from Republican to vote against Hillary Clinton.

CARLSON: (giggling) There you go.

MATTHEWS: And if Rush Limbaugh comes out in his pipe dreams, and says the reason they switched was to vote for Hillary because of some weird strategic move to bring down the Democratic Party, I think he’s as delusional as Senator Clinton was in Bosnia.

RUSH: And so, exactly as predicted, the Drive-Bys — struggling with how to deal with the success of Operation Chaos — now seek to discredit it. They’re lashing out here, folks. (laughter) I’m in a good mood again. We got ’em right where we want ’em.

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