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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again here on the EIB Network to turn to our Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, official Barack criticizer, certified black enough to criticize. I have a statement. Senator Obama, the conversation about race that you asked your fellow Americans to have is well underway, and perhaps you can rejoin it by explaining how your former pastor, Reverend Wright, is moving into a neighborhood which is sadly exclusionary, with a 1.9% black population. Who has a dream, sir, or rather what kind of dream is it when your former pastor preaches separatism to church congregants, including yourself, and then segregates himself from the very people he’s preaching to? Are there not integrated neighborhoods in Chicago, upper class, middle class neighborhoods where there’s just a hint of diversity, neighborhoods that look like America, sir? Whose America is Tinley Park? The America of Jim Crow? Now, we expect the Clintons to live in whitelandia in New York, Chappaqua, far, far away from black people, but, sir, is this what you endorse from your very own pastor? We have questions, sir, about race and politics, and, sir, Senator, we need answers.

Now a translation for the EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood. Yo, listen up, man, yo, we got beef. Whassup with your homey, man, moving into a mighty, mighty, it’s all whitey kinda neighborhood, yo? What’s up with that? We gave you big ups on that speech, yo. You didn’t disown brother Wright when the press went medieval on him, even though you dissed your own grandma, which wasn’t all that cool, but yo, now he turns and moves to a gated crib, no brothers nowhere in sight, whassup with that, yo? The brothers and sisters banked home boy. Now he’s telling them to watch his behind in the rearview mirror. What it’s like, yo? Two percent black people up there. Does that include the live-in staff, yo? Come on, man, we had your back, but you need to reup, come clean, man. Let the brothers know what’s going with your man, awight? That concludes this statement.

RUSH: And that is Official Obama Criticizer of the EIB Network Bo Snerdley.

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