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Rush’s Morning Update: Business as Usual
April 2, 2008

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A report by America’s Promise Alliance — that’s a group founded by former Secretary of State Colin Powell — looked at high school graduation rates in America’s 50 largest cities. In 17 of those cities, not even half the kids attending high school finish.

In large metropolitan areas, you may as well draw a target around inner cities. For instance: In Baltimore’s suburbs, over 80 percent of the kids graduate, compared to just 34 percent who live in Baltimore’s inner city. In Detroit, about a quarter of the kids graduate. Indiana’s public school system has a 30 percent graduation rate; Cleveland, about 35 percent.

In response to the report, Secretary Powell says: “When more than 1 million students a year drop out of high school, it’s more than a problem. It is a catastrophe.”

Let’s go back to Barack Obama’s big “race speech.” Obama, like every other Democrat, talks about schools failing minority kids. But he never addresses how they got that way. These are primarily black and Hispanic kids, in Democrat Party-run cities left to fail year after year, decade after decade. Billions upon billions are spent, nevertheless. The kids are caught in a stranglehold of liberal politics designed to keep unions strong, and minority kids underachieving. To the extent there is “institutional racism” in America — it’s in these “blue cities.”

Secretary Powell, this education disgrace isn’t a “catastrophe.” It’s simply liberal business as usual when liberals run the show — or the school.

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