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RUSH: Look at me. I have noticed a battlefield report regarding Operation Chaos at Politico.com. For the purposes of this Operation Chaos update, I’m going to refer to this story as Politico Rose, a propaganda mouthpiece of the enemy. Here is the headline: ‘Primary Shenanigans Could Backfire.’ And here’s how the story starts: ‘Could Rush Limbaugh be responsible for tipping the election outcome in a key Republican primary to fill the seat vacated by former Rep. Roger Wicker in Mississippi? That’s what some Republican operatives in the state are suggesting. As part of his self-described ‘Operation Chaos,’ the conservative talk-show host urged his listeners to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary in order to draw out the presidential nomination process as long as possible. But in Mississippi, those party-switchers may not have realized the implications of their decision: The Republicans who voted in last month’s Democratic primary now are not allowed to cast ballots in Tuesday’s hotly contested runoff between Glenn McCullough, the former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Greg Davis, mayor of one of the fastest-growing towns in the state’s 1st Congressional District.’

Ladies and gentlemen, this kind of propaganda is to be expected. The Drive-By Media is now suggesting that we are taking casualties as part of Operation Chaos. This is what the enemy does in all wars, ladies and gentlemen, propaganda, an attempt to dispirit the commander and the troops. They are crafty, ladies and gentlemen, and they will try to instill fear to make you, the troops in Operation Chaos, lose focus. This is the equivalent of a body bag story. Politico Rose is saying there may be untold numbers of casualties now in Operation Chaos. The hope is that the squeamish among you will defect or lay down your votes. Like in the first Gulf War, we heard these kind of stories. It’s a scare tactic by the left. Yes, there may be some casualties in this war. We knew that when we started. There are always casualties when you hit the battlefield. No one said Operation Chaos would be easy. No one said there wouldn’t be sacrifice. Love, war, politics are not for the faint of heart. When Operation Chaos volunteers signed up, they knew the risks, and that’s why I admire them, their courage, in the face of known dangers. I think the reporter of this story misunderestimates the courage and fighting spirit of Mississippi volunteers in Operation Chaos. They will not quit.

(playing of When Johnny Comes Marching Home)

The Politico.com story says that they ‘may not have realized the implications of their decision,’ meaning Operation Chaos operatives crossing the aisle and voting for Hillary in the Mississippi primary. That is absurd, that is insulting, and exactly what one would expect from Operation Chaos opponents, ladies and gentlemen. We must continue this battle, and we will continue this battle throughout. The name is Operation Chaos. The deniers will not succeed. There will be chaos. That can’t and will not be avoided, only minimized, as I see fit. We have reinforcements for the Mississippi primary. There are Republicans who did not cross over, who are now ready to be recruited in Operation Chaos and show up in this runoff Tuesday and do the right thing. We always have reinforcements. We never go to war with the entire army on the battlefield. We have reserves, ladies and gentlemen, constantly being trained. Look, I’m not pretending every battle plan’s perfect here. Those of us familiar with the battlefield of ideas understand that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. It’s a given. Keep in mind, no one who has volunteered and enlisted in Operation Chaos will be intimidated or deterred from this mission. By the way, we need to update battle plans for Pennsylvania soon based on the latest polling.

(continued playing of song)

And, by the way, it’s not yet confirmed that we’ve taken casualties. It’s just the Drive-By Media, Politico Rose, attempting to put the notion in the heads of operatives in Mississippi that Operation Chaos will take casualties, meaning lose a valuable Republican seat. It’s not guaranteed because our reserves are ready to go into battle. Make no mistake, my friends. As the supreme commanding general of Operation Chaos, I get battlefield updates 24/7. I understand the risks involved here. I understand that winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. I don’t seek perfection, my friends, as your commanding general. I seek victory. In fact, I demand it. So never fear. We will experience more propaganda from Politico Rose and others in the Drive-By Media suggesting our efforts are actually harming our purpose. We will not lose sight of our mission, and that is to create as much chaos as possible within the Democrat Party. The occasional bumps in the road will only steel our will and our sense of purpose. Do not be dispirited. Do not think Operation Chaos is backfiring. The exact opposite, my friends, is happening. The Drive-Bys meet every morning, trying to figure out how not to credit us for our success.


RUSH: One more little note here on the strategy behind Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the Drive-Bys to start this propaganda machine of theirs, to suggest that Operation Chaos is actually becoming a liability to the Republican Party. As I said in my address to the troops mere moments ago, ‘No battle plan survives engagement with the enemy.’ You know that whatever your strategy laid out is, is going to have to be altered, going to have to adapt to the countermeasures that the enemy mounts. In this case the enemy is the Drive-By Media. The Democrat Party itself is just sitting around quietly enjoying all this. They love all these new Democrat registrations, and they’re probably lying to themselves suggesting to themselves that they’re the ones responsible for it — when you and I both know, all know that it’s Operation Chaos. Every morning in the Drive-By Media, ladies and gentlemen, there are what are called budget meetings, and they have nothing to do with dollars.

The budget meeting is where the Drive-Bys — say at the network newscasts, cable news outlets, newspapers — get the editors in a room and they talk about what’s the news of the day and how they’re going to cover it. In this case of the nightly newscasts, how they’re going to present it, what stories are going to go first, what reporters are going to get assigned, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I guarantee you, I guarantee you that at each one of these budget meetings the Drive-Bys are wringing their hands and cursing, saying, ‘How can we report this massive Democrat voter registration in these upcoming Democrat primary states, without crediting Limbaugh and Operation Chaos? How can we do this?’ because they don’t want to mention Operation Chaos — unless, of course, it’s a story that I might be indicted. Other than that, they don’t want to mention it. (laughs) They don’t want to make me any more prominent and you any more prominent in this battle, than possible. So, as an example of how they do it in their budget meeting, let’s go to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press was sitting around their budget meeting yesterday, saying, ‘Okay, we gotta report this. We gotta talk about these massive registrations of Republicans on the Democrat side. We can’t mention Operation Chaos by name. We can’t mention Limbaugh. We’ve done that enough. How do we do this?’ So they dug deep and they went out to Oregon. They found a reporter out in Oregon to find a talk show host. I don’t know the name of the town. I guess it’s a suburb of Portland, and they find a local talk show host whose name is Victoria Taft, ‘familiar Republican voice in the Pacific Northwest’ on her local station, and they credit her. Hey, Victoria? Nice going! (laughing) But they did. Here, look. The whole story is about one — in Oregon; in Oregon, one — local radio talk show host, and it does mention, ‘But these days, Taft is firmly on the New York senator’s bandwagon, along with national conservative talk radio heavyweights like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham.’ So this is how they’re doing it. And, my friends, they’re going to finally figure it out. They’re going to follow the lead of The Politico today, The Politico doing a little propaganda piece on how we’re actually harming our efforts and the Republican Party. Look for more of that, and, as I say, do not allow it to dispirit you.

It’s natural. You can expect these kinds of things to happen during the course of Operation Chaos, because it is so wildly successful.


RUSH: This is Anita in Jackson, Mississippi, as we go to the phones. Anita, thanks so much. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Dixieland dittos, Rush, from a lowly lieutenant in the Mississippi reserve of Operation Chaos.

RUSH: Hey, hey, hey, see, I knew we had reserves.

CALLER: We are there. We are in place, sir.

RUSH: Well, I know you are, because not every Republican became an Operation Chaos volunteer.

CALLER: It was a sacrifice, sir, but I will sleep well at night. However, I would probably sleep better if I had one of those little dandy Select Comfort Beds, but I will sacrifice my vote to push forward the plan, and we are here and waiting for orders, sir.

RUSH: So you are not a Republican who registered Democrat to vote for Hillary in the Mississippi primary?


RUSH: Oh, you are. Okay. Well, then you’re not in the reserves.

CALLER: I am on the front line, but it’s a reserve —

RUSH: You are on the front lines, but see, here’s the problem. Well, not the problem. This is the challenge. Since you registered Democrat to vote in the primary, you now cannot vote — if you’re in this district, if you’re in the first district, I don’t know if you are — you cannot vote in the runoff election on the Republican side for a seat there. So the Drive-By Media says, ‘See, Operation Chaos has backfired.’ No, it has not. There are plenty of Republicans who did not register for Operation Chaos who are still registered Republicans who probably may not have voted at all. We have plenty of reserves in Mississippi to show up in this runoff on Tuesday. Operation Chaos makes plans for as much as we can anticipate. I gotta tell you something too, folks, there are some people on our side, you’ve heard them call this program, who are in the camp of the appeasers. You heard ’em call here questioning our strategy.

We even have Obama supporters calling here begging me to cancel Operation Chaos, but we even have Republicans calling here telling me that I should drop it, that it might backfire. They question our infiltration of Democrat forces. Something you should know about Operation Chaos, we don’t draft our soldiers. There is no draft in Operation Chaos. We didn’t send out draft notices to Republicans in these states and require them to do what they’re doing. You must understand, Operation Chaos is made up of volunteers, committed to the cause, committed to the mission. If you appeasers don’t wish to join the battle, fine, but you should at least have the foresight to give on our side your moral support here for understanding, at least try to understand what we are attempting. You don’t even have to try to understand. Just look at the state of things in the Democrat Party, and you’ll understand that Operation Chaos has surpassed all objectives. There’s no question about it.


RUSH: Here’s Mika Brzezinski this morning on Scarborough’s show, reporting on voters in Pennsylvania.

BRZEZINSKI: Voters are responding to the Democrats’ calls to vote in Pennsylvania, and (laugh) in a big way. Look at these numbers. The final numbers won’t be in for weeks, but according to the latest update, they are registered in huge numbers. Officials say 33,000 new Democrats registered, and nearly 46,000 switched parties to vote for the Dems, all postmarked on the last day of eligibility, March 24th. Now, about a third of the total new applications in party switches for the whole year (laugh), came in right at the deadline. That is amazing.

RUSH: Now, Mika proves the point that we made at the beginning of the program. The Drive-By Media, in their morning budget meetings, ‘Okay. How can we describe this without mentioning Limbaugh and Operation Chaos?’ Her attempt here, is to say, ‘This is the people are just really responding to the Democrat message! The Democrats have asked people to register! Wow! Look at all the Democrats that registered! Wow, isn’t this cool? This is amazing. And, wow, 46,000 Republicans on the last day, most within the last day! Wow! Wow, look at the power of the Democrats! Look at how people love the Democrats!’ Mika, it was a nice try. (laughing) You can’t possibly, you can’t possibly believe that Obama and Hillary asking this to happen is responsible for all these Republicans switching? It’s Operation Chaos. This is exactly what I was talking about: The Drive-By Media are doing everything they can trying to figure out a way not to credit us, but, my friends, don’t be depressed. Don’t get angry. Because here at Operation Chaos, the notion of credit is irrelevant. It is victory that we are concerned with. It is success. Because that is the sweetest revenge.

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