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RUSH: Politico.com, another story. This by David Paul Kuhn. ”Clinton’s Convention Strategy in Doubt’ — If the fight over whether to count the results in Florida and Michigan makes it to the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton will not have enough pledged votes on the 169-member Credentials Committee to deliver a majority decision in her favor, according to an analysis conducted for Politico. Her only hope of getting the key committee to vote out a ‘majority report’ supporting her position rests on her ability to persuade an as-yet-undetermined number of the 25 members appointed to the committee by party Chairman Howard Dean to cast votes for her position.’ Now, the story goes on and gives details about how the Credentials Committee works. ‘The DNC’s Credentials Committee consists of 144 pledged members (Florida and Michigan are not included) plus the 25 party leaders and elected officials appointed by Dean. The 25 Dean appointees include a mix of Dean loyalists, Obama supporters and at least several individuals who have endorsed Clinton.’

The whole point of The Politico story is to suggest that their strategy’s in doubt here, to go to the credentials fight, she doesn’t have the votes. This effort to get her out of the race is now being picked up in earnest by the Drive-By Media, yet another testament to the success, ladies and gentlemen, of Operation Chaos. But just to show you how absurd this effort to force her out early is, it’s just April 1st today. What if more information is found out about Obama and his radical past? What if it is learned that Obama has even deeper associations with Tony Rezko? Or if Obama says something on the campaign trail that’s so damaging he can’t recover? Apart from all his political class and inside the Beltway counting of delegates, what’s left out of this picture is politics. It’s only April. And she’s running a close second. If I were the Democrats, I wouldn’t be trying to push her out of the way right now because the more we learn about Obama, the more problematic it becomes for him. First there was his preacher, then the Rezko business, then he’s getting into dangerous territory here by making statements that are easily contradicted — he lies, and there’s a lot more to be learned about this guy.

We have a 20-year history with Obama that nobody knows about other than his association with Reverend Wright, some of his work in the Illinois legislature, and, of course, his work as a community organizer, but most people’s impression and knowledge of Obama is just the last year-and-a-half or two years when he decided he was going to run for president. He doesn’t have the nomination yet. He has been unable to finish off Mrs. Clinton. Nobody is talking about this aspect. They’re parlaying her as a loser, they’re portraying her as a loser, but Obama hasn’t been able to finish her off. She remains a very close second. It would make no sense for her to drop out now. But one thing you can say about the Clintons, among all other things, they are political professionals, and they know full well that this is still very fluid, and Obama could still step in it; he could fall off of it; he could do anything that would cause the Democrats not to want to have anything to do with him. It’s way too early here for as close as she is. And, by the way, I say this, ladies and gentlemen, not as the general, the supreme commanding general of Operation Chaos. This is a matter of political reality. The idea of forcing her out right now is a dumb idea.

Now, as far as battle plans, Rasmussen has new polling data out of Pennsylvania. As you know, for the longest time, Mrs. Clinton has carried a double-digit lead going into the Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd. Three weeks from today, by the way, is the next battle in Operation Chaos, and according to Rasmussen, Hillary’s lead is shrinking. The latest Rasmussen telephone survey in Pennsylvania shows Hillary leading Obama by just five points now, 47-42. That is down from a ten-point lead just a week ago and a 13-point lead in mid-March, a 15-point advantage in early March. The governor of Pennsylvania, Fast Eddie Rendell is saying whoever wins Pennsylvania, wins the nomination. Now, Fast Eddie is in Hillary’s camp, and we have audio of him saying this coming up. So it’s tightening in Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton needs to win this. Operation Chaos, as the supreme commanding officer — i.e., me — I have determined that the marching orders will go forth, Operation Chaos’ objective in the Pennsylvania primary is now official. Hillary Clinton must win the Pennsylvania primary. Pay no attention to these polling numbers other than to make sure that you have registered. So make sure you show up and vote for Hillary on April 22nd in Pennsylvania.

I’ve thought it through. I was thinking it might be fun to have our Operation Chaos operatives vote Obama, but that would simply fuel what I’m seeing today in the Drive-Bys, only fuel the pressure on Mrs. Clinton to get out of there. It would be much harder to tell her to scram, much, much harder to tell her to scram if she wins Pennsylvania and if she could recapture this double-digit lead. (interruption) I have just been asked here by people on the other side of the glass if I have consulted other officers in my command structure, i.e., other talk show hosts. No, there is no command structure. I’m it. I am the supreme commander. I don’t consult with anybody about this. We don’t have meetings here. Operation Chaos is not a bureaucracy. It’s a leadership movement. We make decisions, and we stand by and we go. So the command here, orders from headquarters, April 22nd, Operation Chaos operatives: Vote for Mrs. Clinton.

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