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RUSH: Yesterday in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama held a press conference, and he gets a little testy here with a reporter. This is happening more and more frequently to The Messiah. This exchange is with ABC’s David Wright.

OBAMA: John McCain said perhaps a hundred years. I mean, I’m just quoting back what he said. Uh, ahd — uh, unless you tell me that that’s a misquote.

WRIGHT: I just wonder if it’s… You’ve been critical of Senator Clinton for distorting, for taking the political and sort of pushing it too far, and I just wonder, are you guilty of the same thing in this instance.

OBAMA: And — What — what — what I’m asking, is, ‘Am I misquoting John McCain in any way?’

WRIGHT: We’ll have to go back to his quote, I guess.

OBAMA: Okay.

WRIGHT: But I think that he talks about it in the spirit of Germany and Japan, of —

OBAMA: Well, that’s — and we’ve been — and we’ve been in…South Korea for 50 years, and he’s using that as an example, as [President] George Bush has, and that…is decades.

RUSH: Now, you know what this is all about. McCain was joking. He does this. McCain could be a smart aleck, and he’s out there, and he said, ‘A hundred years if it takes it,’ and of course he never meant combat! He never meant at war for a hundred years, and he didn’t mean occupation. He pointed out, ‘Look, we’re still in Germany. We got bases there. We’re still in South Korea. We got bases there. We had a base in Saudi Arabia.’ This is classic. This is Obama. I’m surprised he got called on this by the Drive-By Media. Normally the Drive-By Media would pick this up and run back to McCain with it and say, ‘Obama said this. What do you say about Obama?’ and McCain would blow up. But now they’re piling it back on Obama here. It’s clearly a misrepresentation. It’s typical, and Obama’s been caught in it, but he won’t back down, just like Hillary and her Bosnia comment from it. Later on at the same press conference, Obama spotted Dan Rather.

OBAMA: Dan Rather! It’s good to see you, sir. Give Dan Rather a big round of applause! (applause)

RUSH: He asked for a big round of applause at a press conference for Dan Rather, and he got it! (laughter) You heard it. Now, McCain responded to Obama. This is yesterday aboard his plane on the way to the Washington area. He responded to Obama’s remarks about his hundred year stuff with this.

MCCAIN: With all due respect, he does not understand the elements, fundamental elements of national security and warfare, because that’s exactly what we did in Korea and that’s what we did after World War II. That’s what we did in Kuwait after the first Gulf War, and it has been what’s happened in conflicts we’ve had in the latter part of the twentieth century. He displays a fundamental misunderstanding of history, of how we’ve maintained national security and what we need to do in the future to maintain our security in the face of a transcendent challenge of radical Islamic extremism — and I understand that, because he has no experience or background in any of it.

RUSH: Oh, McCain is hitting very hard there at The Messiah, basically claiming he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has no experience. He doesn’t! Obama doesn’t the slightest idea what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have slightest idea. Without his TelePrompTer, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He doesn’t know what he’s saying about the economy. ‘Well, yeah, raise the capital gains. We ought to raise it 25%! Warren Buffett said we could even raise it to 30%.’ In this economic climate, sir? You want to raise capital gains? ‘Well, of course we might exempt people who would really be harmed.’ He doesn’t have the slightest clue, and his eyes glaze over on all of this stuff. He really has no clue when he’s talking outside that TelePrompTer. He’s being very guarded at all times to make sure that he doesn’t unleash what he really believes. This is one of the things that Mrs. Clinton is waiting on for Obama, and it’s very possible. It’s only April 1st. There’s a lot of stuff he could step in out there. You know, the old rule of thumb is you throw a bag of excrement in front of a Democrat and the likelihood is, he’ll step in it, and if he were to come out and say something about his preacher, if something more comes out about the preacher, if he would get frustrated one day…

If I were Hillary and Bill, I’d start planting operatives in his press conferences — and if I were Obama, I’d be doing the same thing. I would plant people as questioners in press conferences and town hall meetings and so forth. The thing is that both of these people so tightly screen who gets in there, it might be a tough nut to crack, but Hillary knows that he’s not that far away from tripping up here because when he goes off PromTer he can do things that are ridiculous, and he’s got a radical past. He knows people who are extreme anti-American radicals, and some people conclude he’s gotta be one himself. At some level of his soul, he’s gotta be one, too, because that’s who he’s been around, and that’s who’s influenced him. The Clintons are saying (doing Bill Clinton impression), ‘Limbaugh, you know, I marvel every time I listen to you. I mean, I think I’m listening to me when I listen to you describe what we’re going to do with Obama. Everybody knows this guy has been hanging around with that preacher, and that preacher, it’s just not… If that’s not black liberation theology, Limbaugh, you gotta understand. We liberals, we know parts of this country we don’t like, and you know what they are because you chronicle ’em. But this guy, this Obama, he hates. He hates America. The preacher hates America. He hung around that guy for 20 years — and you’re right. At some point, if we could make it happen, he’s going to step in it, and when he does, we’re going to be right there. That’s why we’re not quitting. Everybody knows we don’t quit. We may not be able to take this thing away from him, but we may be able to make him screw it up, and that’s what we’re shooting for. I feel like I’m in a fun house here every day, and I look in the mirror and I see Obama looking back at me and say, ‘Oh, no, get me outta here.’ But I’m staying in, Limbaugh, for her. She deserves…. Well, no, you’re not even going to buy that.’


RUSH: One thing about this little argument that McCain and Obama are having here over McCain’s comment to stay in Iraq 100 years, and McCain is right when he says that Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about, no idea whatsoever. He has no experience, national security, foreign policy. I don’t even think he has — these are my words — I don’t even think Obama has a concept of what he’s doing here. I don’t think he realizes he’s running for president of the United States — well, I think he knows that, but he doesn’t know what it entails; he doesn’t know what it means. He has no clue how his words as a presidential candidate, and therefore a future president, resonate around the world, and McCain does. You could look at it this way, make a comparison this way. Obama thinks that he’s in like a high school debate club just trying to score points in the middle of the debate, and these points are, you know, snarky little points, but he doesn’t see that what presidents say move the world. He has no concept of that. He doesn’t see that what a president says moves the world.

When McCain says a hundred years if it takes it in Iraq, the message is clear to every terrorist, we’re going to stay there for as long as it takes for us to kill all of you. We are going to stay wherever we go as long as it takes to get rid of you. That’s what his 100-year comment means. You are never going to drive the infidel out. You are never going to get rid of us. That’s the message that McCain is sending with the 100-year comment. What Obama says when he wants to start arguing about this, ‘What? A hundred years, well, we’re not going to –‘ expresses no knowledge whatsoever or understanding of our continued military presence in places like Germany and South Korea and other places, and in the Middle East. We have a military base in a number of places, Qatar, Kuwait, the fleet in Oman but I’m not sure we have the troops and the presence there at the King Saud air base, but regardless, we used to, if we don’t, we used to have a big, huge air force base in Saudi Arabia. And of course this was to help defend the free flow of oil at market prices and a number of other things, US interests.

Here’s Obama and Hillary doing their best to tell everybody how fast they’re going to get us out of all these places, and what that does, Obama is confirming for the enemy, for everybody else, that we are a paper tiger just like Bin Laden said, that we will lose our wind, we will lose our oompff and our desire. I’ll tell you something, McCain was in that Hanoi Hilton longer than we have been in Iraq, and he never gave up over there. Obama wasn’t even in the Senate for two years, and he got bored and decided to step up. But the message that Obama and Hillary are both sending — and it’s not just those two, it is the entire Democrat Party — they own defeat; they sought it; they proclaimed it; they were happy when they could say the surge didn’t work; they were doing everything they could to destroy troop morale; they were trying to build up as much anti-war fervor among the American population as possible, all the while motivating and inspiring the enemy that we seek to wipe out.

Now, say what you want about McCain, but he’s not doing that. He understands full well what we face, and he understands that the words he speaks as a candidate or then as a president will move the world; will have tremendous impact. I don’t think Obama has the slightest comprehension of this. I think the reason is that Obama is one of these liberal Democrats, one of these spoiled kids that thinks everything’s about him, just as Mrs. Clinton thinks everything is about her. If you examine what these people say, be it on domestic policy or foreign policy — I’m talking about Hillary and Obama since they’re the Democrat front-runners, but anybody on the Democrat side other than Lieberman, if you listen to what these people say about anything, you conclude that everything they say is political and it’s all about them and it’s all about their reacquisition of power. It’s not about American greatness; it’s not about American exceptionalism; it is not about identifying the right enemy. They think the greatest enemy they face is George W. Bush and the Republican Party, not Bin Laden, not Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group.

So this is what Obama illustrates, this is what he points out when he gets into this little skirmish with McCain over the 100-year remark and tries to mischaracterize it. This is no longer the Democrat primary where he has to go out and simply focus on the anti-war mob and the extremists in his party. He ought to be thinking general election about now. In that regard, there’s a fascinating piece here by Clarice Feldman at the AmericanThinker.com entitled: ‘B’rer McCain and the Briar Patch.’ It’s fairly lengthy and I don’t have time to read the whole thing to you, nor would I, but it’s a tremendous overview of the worst thing that McCain did, that is McCain-Feingold, campaign finance reform, how it was a gift for the Democrats, but it may yet come back to bite the Democrats. Now, here’s Clarice Feldman, I’ll just give you a couple of excerpts here. ‘I loathe the co-called Campaign Finance Reform Act sponsored jointly by Senators McCain and Feingold after an unethical, if not illegal, largely sub rosa campaign by the tax exempt Pew Foundation. To me the Act is an unconstitutional abomination, but the Democrats, who had clearly pre-arranged their end run on the Act’s strictures by creating countless 527 organizations (many of which were up and running when the Act took effect), no doubt figured that Senator McCain was their perfect patsy to spearhead the passage of this legislation which they could pawn off as a bipartisan clean government move. We’ve now had time to see it in operation and know the 527s, in fact, can say and do almost whatever they choose in federal elections. They are not to coordinate with candidates’ campaigns in their actions, but no one can look at big operations like MoveOn and say with a straight fact that this hard-to-enforce limitation has worked out well,’ meaning there has to be cooperation, even if nobody can trace it and find it.

So the Democrats thought McCain was their patsy, let’s do McCain-Feingold, we’ll set up these 527s, and rather than take the money out of politics, we’ll get even more money in politics with some of our new 527 groups that are not mentioned here. Every time Congress comes up with legislation like this, be it wage and price controls or whatever, there are always ways around it because you cannot write a law that encompasses every form of human behavior; you just can’t anticipate them all. Now, in this case the Democrats did anticipate setting up 527s, Republicans didn’t, and we see the results. Ms. Feldman then says that the McCain-Feingold Act substantially increases the power of the media, which we all knew at the time, which can say whatever it chooses, whenever it chooses, and which increasingly has been playing the corruptly partisan role in federal elections. This is all true. ‘There’s more to hate about the Act, of course. For one thing, a loophole permits foreign money to be contributed to 527s which can and do play a large election role when all prior legislation absolutely banned foreign money in our elections.’ So foreign money is now legal if it goes into 527s. The Democrats planned this. It was a major skunk job, and McCain fell right along with it.

But here’s the thing. To get to the nut of this, ‘So it seems to me that ironically McCain-Feingold which seemed a gift to the Democrats may well be a briar patch that allows McCain to leap off to victory but ensnare his opposition which thought it would hurt Republican candidates.’ The theory is this, that the creation of 527s has — on the Democrat side particularly — has created essentially organizations of out-of-this-world, wacko nut job extremists, from Media Matters to MoveOn.org to Think Progress to all of these Democrat blogs. They’re just kooks! It’s fair to conclude that the more the Democrat Party gets pushed off to the left, the more extreme liberal socialist wacko that it portrays itself, and the 527s make this possible, the less likely the Democrat Party is to prevail in any general election. That’s where McCain may end up inadvertently being helped by being skunked by the Democrats. We’ve seen this in action, rather than the Democrats try to get these 527s and these nut jobs and these extremist kooks, rather than bring ’em in line, shut ’em up and mainstream ’em, the Democrats for the last two years or longer have been sucking up to them, have been attending their conventions, have been listening to them in policy discussions.

Dingy Harry goes to New York and meets with a bunch of these people under cover of darkness and I’m sure says, ‘Look, we’re doing the best we can. You just gotta go easy on us out here.’ They’re scared to death of these extremists. I think I’ve been fairly consistent in pointing out that liberalism, when it’s properly exposed, doesn’t have much of a chance in national elections. In this case, we’re not doing the exposing. Well, we are. I mean the Republican Party is not doing the exposing. The Democrats are doing it themselves with their 527s. So what’s happened here is a decentralization of the whole fundraising process, whereas the money always used to come to the party, come from the candidates, basically come to the political establishment, now it’s going to these wacko groups all over the place, and these people are using the money to run ads and to hold Democrats hostage, like the Petraeus ad in the New York Times, this kind of stuff that the Democrats no longer can control. And so, it’s going to come back to bite ’em. Now what’s happened? We’ve got two candidates, Hillary and Obama, who have gone out of their way to pay homage to these nuts, and Barack Obama continues to do so by making a fool of himself over this McCain comment of staying in Iraq 100 years. So Clarice Feldman, it’s a great point that she has, you should read the whole thing, we will post it at RushLimbaugh.com, or link it, it’s from the AmericanThinker.com.

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