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RUSH: New York governor Mario Cooomo who was on — where was this? — The Situation Room. For those of you new to the program, ‘Rush, it’s Cuo-mo.’ I know that. But a long time ago, I heard the Reverend Jackson pronounce his name ‘Cooomo.’ You know, it’s not stylish and it’s not classy to correct somebody’s pronunciation of things, especially when the mistake is made by a man of the cloth and a respected, revered Rev. So if he thinks it’s Cooomo, then on this program, it’s Cooomo, and that is an act of compassion. So Governor Cooomo, former Governor Cooomo on The Situation Room last night. John King was filling in for Wolf Blitzer, and King says, ‘You wrote an essay in which you say the two remaining Democrat candidates ought to be paired together as the nominees on the ticket, but you don’t say which one you think should be the president and which one should be the vice president. Why not?’

CUOMO: We are losing votes ag-ainst McCain every day. The constituencies are getting angry at the opposing candidate. That’s the problem here. So how do you do it? You do it this way. If you insist on fighting all the way through the convention on all the hairy questions that are going to come, uh — come up, then do this. Agree in advance that if you win, you win, and you’re the candidate for the presidency and your opponent becomes the candidate for the vice presidency. That would at the very least mollify some of the constituents of the person who does not succeed, whether it’s Hillary or Obama.

RUSH: Well, Operation Chaos is panicking Governor Cooomo. Once again, the party elders are acting in a dictatorial, tyrannical fashion trying to dictate to both of these nominees who they should pick as vice president should they win — and they’re right about this. Cuomo is right about this. They are losing votes ‘again-st’ McCain every day, and he is right about whoever loses this is going to be fit to be tied. It’s either going to be the Hillary supporters made up of women, or Barack supporters made up of blacks — and the longer Operation Chaos succeeds and goes on, the greater the anger and disappointment is going to be amongst the losers. King then said to Governor Cooomo, ‘Do you really believe that an Obama voter or a Clinton voter now… Sure there will be hard feelings now, but we’re at the end of marks heading to April. Do you really believe come November a significant number of Democrats are likely to vote Republican because their guy or their lady, lost the nomination?

CUOMO: Yes! I’m worried about it. The Pew poll shows it. All the polls show, er — show it, and I don’t think they show an immediate turnaround when, miraculously, uh, we get a winner and everybody who is with the loser says, ‘Okay, I changed my mind about Obama. I changed my mind about hers [sic]. She’s the presidential candidate.’ The candidates will do that, the candidates will forget about it. They’ll be pragmatic. I don’t believe the constituents will.

RUSH: Gotta hand it to Governor Cuomo. He’s got a handle on the Democrat Party base. He’s got a handle on how fractured it is. He’s got a handle on how angry they are. I mean, look, they went into this mad. They went into this angry at their country. I mean, they get up mad. These people are constantly enraged. They’re not happy; they don’t smile. When’s the last time you saw any of these people smiling? And one of these two candidates loses, and you just file the rage that already exists in this on top of it. He’s got a handle on it. Look, he doesn’t want to say it. This is all due to Operation Chaos. Governor Cooomo knows it. He doesn’t dare say it.

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