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RUSH: As you know, Mrs. Clinton, they’re not paying their bills so that they can run campaign ads.

In fact, one story: ‘Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out. Clinton…has made her plan for universal health care a centerpiece of her agenda,’ but she not paying for her own staff’s. ‘The campaign provides health insurance to all its employees, their spouses, partners and children — and that wasn’t interrupted by any lag in payments to insurance providers, said Jay Carson, a Clinton campaign spokesman.’ Really? ‘He said the campaign this month paid off all outstanding bills to Aetna Healthcare and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Those payments will be reflected on a report the campaign will file this month with the Federal Election Commission…’ Isn’t that amazing? The Clintons don’t pay or Hillary doesn’t pay her health care insurance premiums, and somehow her staff doesn’t lose their coverage. Now, you and I try that and see what happens. Isn’t that interesting? Howard Wolfson, MSNBC this morning, was asked by Joe Scarborough, ‘Do you have enough money to pay the bills? I mean, you guys had a pretty good February and March.’

WOLFSON: We had a great February and, uh, we’ve had a very good March, and, uh, bills are being paid, they’re being paid in a timely fashion, and that’s as it should be. It is conceivable that there are instances in which a bill comes later than somebody thought and doesn’t arrive as quickly as people would have liked, but the campaign is paying its bills. These instances I suspect are isolated and the campaign is continuing to raise an awful lot of money.

RUSH: ‘It’s conceivable instances in which a bill comes later than somebody…’ So it’s the fault of the vendor for not sending the bill on time, according to the Clintons’ payment schedule. So the Clintons have a payment, and if you the vendor don’t send your bill on time, then screw you. (laughing) You gotta love these people. Now, Mrs. Clinton is… You know, there are a lot of people saying that Operation Chaos is un-American. Mrs. Clinton has a totally different view, ladies and gentlemen. Mrs. Clinton in Indianapolis yesterday said this.

HILLARY (hoarse voice): You know, there are some folks saying, ‘Well, we ought to stop these elections.’ I didn’t think we believed that in America.

RUSH: No! It’s un-American to force her out, you see? It’s un-American for Mrs. Clinton to get out of the race. Sunday in San Jose, California, during a campaign rally, former President Bill Clinton.

CLINTON: Don’t you let anybody tell you that somehow we are weakening the Democratic Party by telling the people in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Indiana and Kentucky and West Virginia and Montana and South Dakota and Oregon and Puerto Rico that they count, too. They are the strengths of the Democratic Party. Chill out! (cheers) We’re going to win this election, if we just chill out and let them have their say.

RUSH: He’s standing up and endorsing Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen. Let everybody vote. Keep this whole thing going. There’s no reason. It’s ‘un-American’ not to let these states in line have their votes. It’s un-American. Why should she get out? She’s still in the running here. As long as she’s got even a 1% chance, she’s still in the running — and her chance is calculated to be at 5%. Sunday in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Senator Obama held a press conference, and said this about Hillary dropping out of the race.

OBAMA: My attitude is that Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants. Her name is on the ballot, and she is a fierce and formidable competitor —

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

OBAMA: — and she obviously believes that, you know, she would, make, uh —

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

OBAMA: — make the best nominee and the best president. And, uh, I think, uh, that, you know, she should be able to compete, uh, and her supporters should be able to support her, uh, for as long as they are willing or able.

RUSH: May I translate that for you? ‘I don’t know why the b-i-itch is staying in. I feel like a damn hostage here! But I can’t say it because she’s a woman, and if I say that, they’re going to jump down my throat for being a sexist.’


RUSH: Let’s see, Don in Corydon, Indiana. Am I pronouncing that right?

CALLER: Yes, that’s right.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, it’s great to be on your show. I listened to you for many years.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I decided to have a little fun this weekend, though, and go down to New Albany, Indiana, where Hillary was coming, and I made a nice sign that said ‘Rush for Hillary,’ and I had your picture from your March issue put on there, and I had my little chant going, ‘Rush for Hillary, six more months.’

RUSH: (laughing) ‘Rush for Hillary, six more months.’ Now, New Albany, that’s where Fuzzy Zoeller and his crowd live.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: They’re very close to that. Okay, so what reaction did you get?

CALLER: Well, I was really surprised. I was the first one there, and probably the only one with a sign up front. I had the front position, and so people thought I was with the Democratic Party, and were telling me that she should have gone to this other restaurant, and next time she comes into town why don’t you take her down to this other restaurant. They didn’t understand your sign, Rush. They asked me to be part of the campaign headquarters that was just down the road, they had me sign up. I refused to sign up, but I told them, ‘I’m only into this for six more months.’

RUSH: (laughing) They had no idea you were an Operation Chaos operative.

CALLER: No, and I tried to point to the sign and people would say, ‘We didn’t know Rush Limbaugh was for Hillary.’

RUSH: This is great! This is great. This is a testament to the covert success of Operation Chaos, that we can even go out and be amongst them and they don’t know what’s happening to them.

CALLER: Yeah, it was a fun time.

RUSH: Were you frightened at all when you made that sign and then decided to head out into the Hillary rally? Were you concerned at all for your safety?

CALLER: No, but I did expect a little more something going on. There was nothing there. It was little old ladies and —

RUSH: They were excited that I might be for Hillary.

CALLER: Yeah. Oh, yeah. It was funny. They just kept questioning me over and over again. You’re for Hillary? Rush is for Hillary? I didn’t know Rush was for Hillary. But it seemed like a lot of people that were there, there were only about 100 people if you counted all four corners.

RUSH: And you’ve got the one lone sign. Now, do you think Hillary saw the sign?

CALLER: No, I doubt it. She was kind of hidden the whole time. We didn’t see much of her going in and out of the restaurant. I did make the news, I was the only one interviewed by the —

RUSH: Okay, so it was a private deal inside the restaurant. Do you know if she left a tip while inside the restaurant? She has a history of not paying her bills.


RUSH: All right, back to the audio sound bites. As you know, Pat Leahy, the senator from Vermont, suggested last week that Mrs. Clinton get out of the race. Well, on Vermont Public Radio on Friday, former Governor Madeleine Kunin said this about Senator Leahy.

KUNIN: It seems a bit patronizing to tell her, honey, you gotta drop out for the good of the party.

RUSH: The women are outraged out there. I predicted this, too. Women are fit to be tied. Hillary herself is saying that these calls for her to quit the race are based in chauvinism. Even her daughter Chelsea is out there saying, she didn’t know, she had no idea there was so much sexism until she ran into a woman who said, ‘I just don’t think the country is ready for a female commander-in-chief.’ So Hillary’s out there portraying the calls for her to quit as male chauvinism. It’s the big boys trying to bully a woman. Now, Adam Nagourney had that on Saturday. In the Washington Post Sunday, she denied this report. Question: There was a story today that said that you felt the big boys were trying to push you out, they’re bullying you, did you use that phrase? Hillary Clinton: No, I didn’t. I never said that, I’m always amazed when I read things I supposedly said like I was dodging sniper fire. I never said I was dodging sniper fire. She didn’t say that but she may as well be here. Adam Nagourney in the New York Times quotes her. Do Democrats get misquoted in the New York Times? No. Democrats don’t get misquoted in the New York Times. ‘Look, I think what’s going on with people trying to shut this process down, it’s very counterproductive. I think it’s not in the best interests of the Democrat Party.’ So it’s a he said, she said situation.

Carville back on the reservation. Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer spoke with Democrat Strategist James Carville. Blitzer says: ‘Hillary Clinton, James, said this: ‘I know there are some people who want to shut this down, and I think they are wrong. I have no intention of finishing what we started until we see what happens in the next ten contests and until we resolve Florida and Michigan. And if we don’t revolve it, we’ll resolve it at the convention — that’s what the credential committees are for.’ All right. Explain what she’s talking about.’

CARVILLE: The Obama strategy seems to be to find some bold white guys with white hair to call on her to get out of the race. I think they’ll go to McCain to get him to call on her to get out of the race.

BLITZER: You’re referring to Patrick Leahy, the Senator.

CARVILLE: Right. Usually what a campaign tries to do is to get the most votes and make it most possible for reconciliation after you win. This is not helping them in Pennsylvania. If I were the Obama campaign, I would concentrate on trying to get votes in Pennsylvania, winning North Carolina, cut the margin, and then making my case stronger. Hence Chicago. Just go out and campaign and get the most votes you can and then you have a better position for this. Stop sending this out because they’re not going to get out, not even — not even considering it.

RUSH: So that’s what Obama’s being advised to do by Carville here, stop whining about it and stop getting these old white guys with white hair — that’s what he called Leahy, he was referring to Leahy, these white guys, bold guys with white hair. Instead of getting all these endorsements, just go out there and campaign, go out there and try to win and try to get as many votes as you can because they’re not quitting. They’re not going to get out, meaning the Clintons, not Hillary.

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