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Rush’s Morning Update: Calm Down
April 1, 2008

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You know, folks, it’s a periodic thing. About once a month there’s news about outraged Democrat women. This month’s cycle stems from Barack Obama supporters like Pat Leahy, calling on Hillary Clinton to drop out. According to the New York Times, Mrs. Clinton compared her plight to “big boys” trying to bully a woman.

Ann Lewis, Hillary’s director of women’s outreach, said: “My email is bursting with women who are furious, and it’s grown in the last week. These women are the volunteer infrastructure of the Democratic Party. They are very angry that people they’ve worked for so hard would be so dismissive of Hillary — and, by extension, of them.” A mouthful, from a veteran of “the bimbo eruptions unit” during Bill’s campaigns.

The anger is palatable. Debra Starks, a 53-year old Wal-Mart clerk, thinks sexism is behind efforts to push Hillary out. Starks doesn’t want Clinton to pussyfoot around. “She needs to fight,” Starks says. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein complains there’s “brainwashing going on, that Senator Clinton should retire for the good of the party.” Di-Fi says that’s “ill conceived.” Because Hillary has “a right to fight.” Why should she quit, folks, she’s still got a chance here.

Even an Obama gal, Carol Fowler, the South Carolina Democrat Chair, warns: “Women will indeed be upset if it appears people are trying to push Hillary Clinton out of the way.”

Girls, please, just relax. Hillary isn’t going anywhere. I am your comforter. I have seen to it with Operation Chaos. Don’t get all worked up. Calm down. Everything’s okay, sweeties. Just chill.

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