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RUSH: Well, the pressure continues to mount out there, ladies and gentlemen. The entire Democrat Party establishment and the American left will do anything, anything, to end Operation Chaos. All kinds of pressure being brought to bear on Mrs. Clinton, including now a story that she is not paying her bills out there, campaign bills, and one of the stories from Politico.com is that she’s not funding health care insurance premiums for her staff to the tune of something like $252,000. Anyway, greetings, my friends, and welcome. It’s Rush Limbaugh, this, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Our telephone number if you’d like to join us, and I’m sure you do, is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Why should she end her campaign? Why should she? It’s America. Let every vote count. If you’re Hillary, and she’s still in the running here, why in the world should she cave in here with all this pressure? Now, ladies and gentlemen, I was out in California over the weekend, as I mentioned to you, I had to deliver a speech at a very, very super-secret location to a very super-secret crowd, and after the speech, a little Q&A, and somebody asked me if I had heard that the — by the way, the speech is off the record by the rules of the group to whom I spoke, so I cannot discuss it. It was hot. I think it was hot, one way to describe it. Most of the people that address this group show up with texts, very dull, very boring texts. They read the speech, very politically correct. Of course, that is not me. Anyway, after the speech, got Q&A. Hard to hear for me in this large room with the acoustics and the PA that they had, and what I thought the question was, ‘Have you heard that the Hollywood left has a huge plan in order to get this campaign over with, and that is to get Obama to promise to name Mrs. Clinton to the Supreme Court, and in exchange for that she’d get out of the race.’ When I heard the question, I did not hear the Hollywood part. I thought somebody was asking me if that would be possible, and I don’t even remember exactly what I said, but some brilliant answer about Mrs. Clinton getting out of the campaign in order to accept a nomination to the Supreme Court is crazy.

She’s number two, and she’s already discussing whether or not he’s qualified to be her vice president. She’s not looking at giving up or quitting. Later on the guy came up to me and said, ‘No, no, you didn’t hear me. I have been in conversation with the Hollywood left, and this is their idea.’ And he gave me the names — of course they are off the record, I’m sworn to secrecy here, but Operation Chaos is working. That’s what you take away from this. Now the Hollywood left is trying to end this and they’re trying to do it by offering some giant little plum here to Mrs. Clinton to scram in exchange for a commitment to be named to the United States Supreme Court. But as you go through the Stack of Stuff today, it’s endless. ‘Women Push Back in Support of Clinton.’ This is an AP story. The women, girls, are furious out there at how Mrs. Clinton is being dissed and how she’s being disrespected. ”Women are furious, it’s grown in the last week,’ said Ann Lewis, Clinton’s director of women’s outreach and a longtime Democratic activist. ‘These women are the volunteer infrastructure of the Democratic Party who’ve been proud to support Democratic officials for what they believe and stand for,’ Lewis said. ‘They are very angry that people they’ve worked for so hard would be so dismissive of Hillary and, by extension, of them and what they value.”

Here’s what’s becoming obvious to me. As I mentioned last week, one of the things that’s always amazed me was there was never, ever, a tell-all book during the Clinton presidency, either term, and then after that presidency was over, we never got tell-all books. That just doesn’t happen. Every administration has whistle-blowers and people that write books about what really went on. Nobody has done that with the Clintons. But given the chance to abandon the Clintons and endorse Obama, gobs and gobs of former Clintonites are doing so. Saturday was the Texas Democrat state convention, and we have a couple operatives there, couple covert operatives. We’re hoping to hear from them today as the program unfolds, but there were shoving matches. It almost came to blows out there. Sheila Jackson Lee, congressperson from Houston, addressed the crowd and was practically booed off of the stage. She is a Hillary supporter. But it nearly came to blows out there, ladies and gentlemen. But I think those of you women out there who are angry at the treatment Mrs. Clinton is getting, you need to look at me as your comforter in-chief. It is I, the author and architect, the commanding officer of Operation Chaos doing everything we can to see to it Mrs. Clinton is shown the proper respect for a woman of her achievements, ahem, accomplishments, ahem, status (coughing), intelligence, beauty, commitment to ideals and so forth.

It is I, El Rushbo, doing everything we can to keep Mrs. Clinton in this and propped up, not just with Operation Chaos, but clearly we are offering moral support, inspiration, and encouragement here as we stand aside her, with her, and oppose this un-American, undemocratic, almost Stalinist-like effort to get her to quit. The Clintons, we know this, ladies and gentlemen, are not quitters, and so we stand with you furious women and you can tune to me here at the EIB Network as your comforter-in-chief. Try it. It will work, at least for the duration here of Operation Chaos.

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