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“The entire Democrat Party establishment and the American left will do anything to end Operation Chaos.”

“Liberals have to hide who they are. Operation Chaos is causing all kinds of things to be learned about both Hillary and Obama. We would not have learned half of what we know about them, or even less, had there not been Operation Chaos.”

“This is not about getting Hillary nominated. This is about utter chaos. This is about the Democrat Party essentially eliminating itself as a viable opponent in this election.”

“McCain has to promise that even if Mars collides with Earth, he will not raise taxes, no matter what happens, he will not raise taxes.”

“Every administration has whistleblowers and people that write books about what really went on. Nobody has done that with the Clintons. But given the chance to abandon the Clintons and endorse Obama, gobs and gobs of former Clintonites are doing so.”

“I think those of you women out there who are angry at the treatment Mrs. Clinton is getting, you need to look at me as your comforter-in-chief. It is I, El Rushbo, doing everything we can to keep Mrs. Clinton in this and propped up.”

“Everybody knows that the unexpected happens regularly in politics.”

“Obama does not know what he’s talking about, particularly when it comes to matters of the economy. His eyes glaze; he has no clue.”

“The absolute worst thing, folks, that could happen to the United States of America in 2009 is if any one of these three, if they happen to get elected — and one of them is going to — raises taxes of any kind, capital gains or any other — it would just be devastating.”

“An Ohio resident sent Koko, our webmaster, one of those leaflets or those doorknob things that Obama was passing out and putting on the doors of the homes of Republicans in Ohio; urging them to re-register as Democrats and go vote for him!”

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