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RUSH: I don’t know how many of you watched 60 Minutes last night for the Algore puff piece with Lesley Stahl on the global warming hoax. I did not. I’ve seen some excerpts today, but I did not see it. But here’s the headline, it’s Mike Allen, Politico.com: ”Gore Launches $300 Million Campaign’ — Former Vice President Al Gore is launching a $300 million, bipartisan campaign to try to push climate change higher on the nation’s political agenda.’ Now, I know that many of you when you either read this or saw this, probably had a negative reaction, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re just not going to quit. We’re going to be fighting this, too, along with other aspects of the economy.’ That was not my take. My take was this. How much publicity has Algore gotten on his global warming movement? He’s gotten more publicity than he could buy. He’s got that movie of his, which, of course, played, and it got an Academy Award, which called more attention to it, and it was in movies. In south Florida and in other parts of the country, schoolchildren were being forced to watch his movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Now, apparently, the American people are either too dumb to get his message on global warming from his award-winning science fiction thriller, An Inconvenient Truth, so now he’s gotta go out and spend an additional $300 million to try to propagandize them.

Now, you know me, I’m an eternal optimist and that’s how I see this campaign. Why did they have to spend $300 million if the first stuff was so successful? Obviously, it wasn’t. But this story gets even better. ‘The three-year campaign by the Alliance for Climate Protection will begin Wednesday with network television advertising that will include American Idol and other non-traditional shows that reach a non-news audience. Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton just filmed an ad for the We Campaign, sitting on a couch on the beach. In the ad, now being produced, they say that while they may not agree on many things, they do agree that they have to work to save the planet. A future couple in the ‘strange bedfellows’ or ‘unlikely alliances’ spots will be recorded soon: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.’

Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich will film a television commercial for Algore’s $300 million bipartisan propaganda campaign to push climate change higher on the nation’s political agenda. Global warming, let me sum it up for you, the manmade global warming hoax in two relatively easy-to-understand points. The sole purpose of this campaign of manmade global warming is to convince more and more Americans and citizens of the world to turn over more and more of their liberty to Big Government and to allow Big Government to have more and more control over private sector businesses. It’s nothing more than a disguised government expansion program, typical liberalism. The second thing global warming is, is a financial scam. It is an attempt to turn carbon dioxide into gold, to blame carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas for the destruction of the climate, for the undesired, unwanted change of the climate. Now, as schemes go, and as frauds go, this is pretty brilliant. Because global warming is supposedly caused by carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is one of the most plentiful substances, gases, elements, whatever you want to call it, in the world. We exhale it. It’s now being called a pollutant. It’s said to be the number one problem facing the climate and the world, because there’s so much of it, and we continue to increase our output of CO2, called our carbon footprint. And so McCain’s on this, too.

The save the country act or whatever this global warming deal with Lieberman that was authored three or four years ago and has been updated last year, 2007, creates a scheme whereby businesses were told how much they can pollute, quote, unquote, pollute how much carbon, CO2 they can emit. If they are under their allowance, they can sell what they haven’t used to other companies and businesses who have gone over. The price, they tried this in Europe and they were going to charge $40 a pound or some such thing, and it was a giant boondoggle. The price ended up being 40 cents. There was no incentive to do it and nobody participated in the program because it was voluntary at first. But it’s an attempt for people to run scams using your guilt at being a polluter and destroying the planet, to turn your exhalations and something like carbon dioxide into gold for people who can figure out a way to get you to give them money on the pretext that carbon dioxide is a pollutant that is altering the climate in a destructive way. The sad thing is that there’s so many gullible suckers who will glom onto this because who wants the planet to be harmed? Nobody does. Nobody’s for dirty air; nobody’s for dirty water.

Everybody wants the polar bears to survive. Everybody wants everything to just be fine. Nobody wants their kids unhappy that animals are being killed, that the ice is melting, that the penguins don’t have anywhere to go. It’s made to order for the gullible and for the well-intentioned, the do-gooders and so forth out there who also have been convinced after 20 years of this campaign that they are the culprits, that they are responsible for it. Everybody wants to matter; everybody wants their life to have meaning. So if they can be fooled into thinking that they are going to pay for their carbon footprint, that that will help clean up the planet and prevent this destructive climate change, they’ll be more than happy to do it. Meanwhile, the people who they’re paying will be laughing all the way to the bank because it’s just one of the biggest scams to come down the pike. The one thing about this that to me is encouraging is that Gore’s movie didn’t do its job and all the free publicity and all the propaganda did not do its job, otherwise there would be no need for this $300 million campaign. The really disgusting, distressing thing is to see so many Republicans get sucked into this.


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