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RUSH: You remember last week, maybe the week before last, we had a call from Philadelphia, a guy named Carl who everybody thought was Charles Barkley, begging me, pleading with me to stop Operation Chaos. Carl is back. He’s changed locations. He’s in Brentwood, Tennessee. Carl, welcome back to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush.

RUSH: What are you doing in Tennessee? I thought you lived in Philadelphia.

CALLER: No, no, I was campaigning in Philadelphia with Senator Obama. I live in Tennessee.

RUSH: You were campaigning for Obama in Philadelphia? You didn’t tell me that. You didn’t tell me you were an Obama —

CALLER: Yes, I did.

RUSH: — campaign aide.

CALLER: Yes, I am. I’m one of Obama’s campaign spokespersons locally. I go out and do speeches and talk about Senator Obama’s accomplishments at the local colleges. But, Rush, lets get to this point here. This Operation Chaos, you know it, it’s ridiculous, it’s stupid, and, you know, if you keep doing this, it’s really going to help Senator Obama win the election. Now, I hear some of your callers call in, and I heard you say things, too, that Senator Obama hasn’t accomplished anything, okay. Let me give you a piece of information. To all your listeners, all your conservative —

RUSH: I didn’t say he hadn’t accomplished anything.

CALLER: Yes, yes, you have, say, what has he done?

RUSH: I said Senator Obama has not crossed the aisle and been a part of any bipartisan legislation. Now he’s talking about here —

CALLER: Rush —

RUSH: Maybe something incidental, like naming next Friday ‘beaver day,’ maybe he’s done something like that, but in terms of meaningful legislation, he’s not done one thing to unify anybody in Washington. Carl, Carl, I’m the host, I know what I’m talking about, Carl. You are a partisan.

CALLER: Rush, let me give you some things he’s done as a US Senator so all your listeners that call in and say he hasn’t done anything, they can take note because a lot of your listeners call in and they don’t have any facts, any evidence, they just run off at the mouth.

RUSH: That’s really wise, Carl, now start insulting the audience.

CALLER: I’m not insulting. All I’m asking them to do is research.

RUSH: You say they don’t know anything.

CALLER: No. All I’m saying is they should research before they say he hasn’t accomplished anything.

RUSH: They don’t have to research anything, Carl, I do that for them.


RUSH: Carl, you there?

CALLER: Yes. Rush, when he was a US Senator, 2006, he did the Secure Fence Act, that President Bush signed into law in October 2006.

RUSH: Has the fence been built, Carl?

CALLER: Also he —

RUSH: Carl, the fence been built?

CALLER: — Lugar, a Republican, introduced the Coburn Act, which is the Coburn Government Transparency Act in 2007 [sic — Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006]. Also in 2006 —

RUSH: Wait, the Transparency Act, transparency of what?

CALLER: The Coburn Transparency Act that requires a full disclosure of all entities or organization receiving federal funds in a fiscal year. In 2006, the first —

RUSH: This is really, really important and moving stuff you cite here, Carl.

CALLER: But you all sitting here saying he hasn’t done anything since he’s been a senator, and that’s totally wrong.

RUSH: He hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t done anything in terms of qualifications to be an executive to lead the country. You’re talking about little incidental pieces of legislation. The fence hasn’t even been built —

CALLER: When he was a state legislator in Illinois, he reformed ethics and health care laws, sponsored law and tax credit for low income workers, he negotiated welfare reform, promoted increased subsidies for child care, all these people that’s calling saying he hasn’t done anything, look at some of the stuff that he’s done before you start talking, that’s all I’m asking.

RUSH: Carl, let me help you.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: What this has taught me, Carl, is that you are being so defensive about this and so are Obama’s other supporters, it tells me that for all intents and purposes, in matters of substance, we’re correct. He hasn’t done anything, because you have to call here and give us this lame set of examples, things Obama has done —

CALLER: I’m giving you information.

RUSH: Obviously the charge gets to you. This is going to help us plot, Carl, the way we campaign against Senator Obama, because now we know what upsets you people.

CALLER: No, no, this is not upsetting. I’m giving you information so your listeners can be, you know, on top of their game instead of coming here and making these false statements that he hasn’t done anything. In 2007 he worked with Chuck Hagel —

RUSH: See?

CALLER: — sponsored the Iran sanctions.

RUSH: Chuck, the Iran sanctions (laughing) —

CALLER: Come on there, come on Rush, these are the things he’s accomplished as a Senator.

RUSH: Chuck Hagel wants us out of Iraq more than Obama does. You can’t say that’s reaching across the aisle. He’s not unifying with people who disagree with him on anything, Carl. He’s not showing the ability to unify. We’ve been through this before. His preacher’s mad as hell at everybody, so is his wife, everybody in his inner circle is totally ticked off all the time, there’s no euphoria, there’s no happiness, there’s no utopia here in the Obama camp. But, look, it’s always great to hear from you. You’re not Charles Barkley. Would you tell this audience you are not Charles Barkley?

CALLER: I am not Charles Barkley. I am a supporter of Barack Obama, who will be the next president of the United States no matter what Operation Chaos does. Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: All right, Carl. (laughing) Folks, this is a very instructive call. We’ve found a soft spot. You call him a liar, they don’t care. They don’t call here and say, ‘No, here’s where he’s told the truth. He didn’t lie.’ No. If you say he hasn’t done anything, then their war room gets going, and we also know that Operation Chaos has ’em totally bugged.

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