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RUSH: Now, yesterday we had our second call like this. We’ve had callers from Texas who are foot soldiers, enlisted officers in Operation Chaos. Both of these gentlemen — one in Austin, the other from Galveston — not only voted for Hillary Clinton in the Texas primary, they went a step further.

They went back and they caucused! Operation Chaos operatives went back and caucused for Hillary Clinton. These two are just two of many. These two are now delegates to the Texas state convention. We have operatives on the inside of the Texas state convention. They are delegates for Hillary Clinton. They will be there undercover. They will be there as Operation Chaos covert operatives. But they are not the only two. I’ve heard talk (I’m sure that you have, too) that the Drive-By Media says that Operation Chaos isn’t working, which, as I said yesterday, is just great news. It’s music to my ears. If they think it’s not working, they will continue to ignore us (ha-ha) and we will be able to slither in underneath the radar making them even more vulnerable. Now, folks, there are many phases here to Operation Chaos. We’re simply here still in phase one. Phase one consists of operatives changing party registration, voting in Democrat primaries in upcoming states. This happened in Ohio and Texas in record numbers. It looks like it’ll happen in Pennsylvania in record numbers. In this case, voting for Hillary to continue the bloodletting in the Democrat Party all the way through their convention, for the chaos to continue.

Now, the second and third phases of Operation Chaos consist of exactly what you’ve heard happening in Texas: Our operatives actually are being named delegates to state party conventions. The third phase of Operation Chaos will lead to some of these delegates being sent and named as delegates to the Democrat National Convention in Denver. So Democrats out there, and you members of the Drive-By Media — you who think that Operation Chaos isn’t working and is ineffective — remember this: When we get to Denver and the Democrat National Convention and you look around and you’re a delegate, the person next to you could be mine. The person sitting next to you in your delegation could be an Operation Chaos operative. Now, let’s fantasize for a moment about where phase three of Operation Chaos could take us. I mean, let’s say we get down to this convention and they get into a credentials fight and all of the votes that have taken place up ’til now in the Democrat primaries are rendered meaningless. The superdelegates weigh in, credentials fight, all that goes on. Let’s say it comes down to a close vote, 10, 20, maybe 30 votes separating Obama and Hillary. Phase three of Operation Chaos makes it quite possible that my operatives — my operatives! — will determine the Democrat nominee.

It is quite possible that I and my operatives will be choosing the Democrat presidential nominee. They might be saying, ‘Rush, why are you giving this away? I mean, you’re running a covert operation, yet you’re telling us about it.’ That’s exactly right. Because you don’t think it’s true. You think I’m making it all up. You think I’m smoking you. You think I’m just having fun. Furthermore, you don’t even think it’s effective anyway. You are wide-open vulnerable for phase three of Operation Chaos. I’m happy to tell you what I’m going to do. I spell out what our intentions are every day on this program for 20 years and you haven’t been able to stop us. You will not be able to stop phase three of Operation Chaos. Here at the EIB Network, we have highly skilled information technology technicians and professionals working on a special encryption program so that I can send instructions to our operatives at the Democrat National Convention via their handheld wireless devices: iPhones, whatever it is, whatever they use. This is how Operation Chaos will send the message to various operatives that are there as delegates to the Democrat National Convention. It’s being tested as we speak. It will be ready in just a few days, probably toward the end of next week.

So even if you are forewarned — all of you liberals and the Drive-By Media people, Democrats — you will not know and you will not be able to trust and you will not be able to confirm just of which your delegates in Denver are mine. Part of Operation Chaos. They will have been credentialed. They will have passed all the tests. They will have been to state conventions prior to arriving in Denver. They will have been briefed. They will be told how to vote by me, depending on their number and the closeness of the final vote at the convention, and it will be easy for them to receive my instructions because of the special encryption that we are working on for our wireless transmission to their handheld devices. So those are the next phases of Operation Chaos. I just wanted to alert you to both of these instances. No crimes have been committed, no charges in Ohio for voter fraud. I mentioned the phase two and phase three of Operation Chaos yesterday in the final hour of the program, and I wanted to get to it the first part of the program today so that everybody was up to speed on it.

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