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RUSH: Linda in Louisville, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

CALLER: In the newspaper this morning there was a big headline that said voters who switch parties this year barred from primary. Apparently our secretary of state decided to tell us that there is a little-known state law that forbids people who change their party registration after December 31st to vote in the May primary.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: This sounds like a de facto preemptory strike on Operation Chaos.

CALLER: Yes. And they said that some 9,000 people have switched parties since January 1st.

RUSH: Committing crimes?

CALLER: Oh, of course. And they said that that law has been long-standing.

RUSH: I’m sure it probably has. When is the Kentucky primary?


RUSH: Okay. So, in other words, if Republicans wanted to vote in the Democrat primary in May in Kentucky, they had to register as Democrats before December 31st?

CALLER: Right. They have to switch. Now, new people who have never registered before can register as a Democrat or whatever.

RUSH: Up until what date? I mean, there’s gotta be a cutoff.

CALLER: December 31st.

RUSH: No registrations for the Kentucky primary after December 31st?

CALLER: Not to switch.

RUSH: No, I’m beyond that now. The people who haven’t ever registered, what’s the deadline for them to register before the Kentucky primary? This is a relevant question for Operation Chaos.

CALLER: It is. And it does not say one word about what the cutoff is. But it also says that that law has been established to prevent so-called party raiding —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — in an effort to sway an election’s outcome.

RUSH: (laughing) So it’s an all-out assault on Operation Chaos. We expected this.

CALLER: Well, I sent this link to you by e-mail this morning.

RUSH: All right. I’ll find it. Somebody will find —

CALLER: It is in the Courier-Journal.

RUSH: Yeah, the Courier-Journal. Yeah, I’m very familiar with it. We’ll find it. Thanks very much for the heads up out there, Linda.

CALLER: You’re very welcome. I love your program and I wish I could listen more —

RUSH: Why can’t you?

CALLER: — but I have to work.

RUSH: No excuse. Do you have a computer?


RUSH: Well, have you joined Rush 24/7?


RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I do get the Rush in a Hurry.

RUSH: That’s good, that’s a good first step. Do you have anything like an MP3 player, iPod or anything?

CALLER: My daughter has one. I could probably borrow hers.

RUSH: Here’s what I’m going to do, because work is no excuse. This is too important for you to say I wish I could listen more, but I can’t. ‘Can’t’ never did anything.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: So what I’m going to do, don’t hang up after our call. Mr. Snerdley, will pick the phone back up, we’re going to make you an honorary member, a comp member for one year of RushLimbaugh.com the website.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Going to make you a one-year subscriber to The Limbaugh Letter, all comp. We’re going to send you an iPod so you won’t have to borrow your daughter’s because that won’t fly.

CALLER: Oh, my goodness!

RUSH: And then the thing you’ve gotta learn to do, we’ll have somebody walk you through it, you can get a daily download of the program in podcast that can transfer right to that iPod, and you can listen to it at night wherever you go, in the car, you can listen to it later, and it’s done by, at the latest, four o’clock in the afternoon.

CALLER: Oh, great!

RUSH: So no excuses —

CALLER: All right!

RUSH: — from now on.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: You’ve made my day.

RUSH: Well, I’m used to doing that, and it’s fun to do it. You just hang on. Don’t hang up now, okay?

CALLER: I won’t.

RUSH: All right, that’s Linda in Louisville.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, what was the name of our caller from Kentucky? Linda. Linda, I’ve been thinking about your situation in Kentucky, because Linda told us that there’s an antique law that they’ve enforced there as part of their attempt to thwart Operation Chaos that if you wanted to switch parties and vote in another party’s primary in Kentucky, that primary is in May, you have to have done it by December 31st. Nine thousand people have done it after December 31st. According to this antique law, these people are thus criminals. Now, for those of you in Kentucky, you 9,000 who have obviously been operating under the instructions and orders of Operation Chaos, now you’re thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, we’ve been targeted, we’re criminals!’ Nothing’s going to happen to you, just like nothing happened to us in Ohio.

They threatened all kinds of indictments and investigations, but nothing happened, and it’s not going to happen. I don’t think that they have enough jail space for all the Republicans who switched over. I know they don’t have enough jail space for all the illegals in Kentucky, and if they don’t have all the jail space for all the illegals, I’m sure they don’t have enough for all the Republicans. Besides, as I told people in Pennsylvania yesterday, if you’re really worried about this, in the Democrat primary, you can always go out and hire, and Pennsylvania, Kentucky, go out and hire an illegal immigrant to be you on election day, go vote for you. The Democrats want illegals to vote. So any number of ways around this, don’t sweat this. These are just intimidation tactics coming from Democrat-led states designed to manipulate you and dispirit you. Do not let it happen. This is the big leagues.

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