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RUSH: Now, to all of you who are supporters of Operation Chaos, you should know that our operation, our mission is facing a huge threat, a counterattack. Mr. Chaos himself, Howard Dean, is all over television promising, threatening, to end the chaos by July 1st. All of our work, all of our efforts shall not end in this manner. Our cause is too great. We must press on. As a mantra for those of you who are troubled by the attempt here by Howard Dean to bring an early end to Operation Chaos, remember Bill Clinton, remember South Carolina. The last time the chaos was about to end, Bill Clinton played the race card, gave us all new life for Operation Chaos. This Uncivil War should not end; it will not end, in their minds, until Mrs. Clinton is inaugurated. Here is Howard Dean. He was on with Harry Smith today, the Early Show on CBS. Harry said to him, ‘There’s a lot of ill will growing among Democrats, Dr. Dean. Polls show a significant number of supporters of both candidates say they’re going to switch to John McCain if their candidate’s not chosen. How you gonna put this back together again?’

DEAN: The candidates have got to understand that they have an obligation to our country to unify. Somebody’s going to lose this race with 49.8% of the vote, and that person has got to pull their supporters in behind the nominee. That’s our obligation. We do need to keep in mind that personal attacks now often do have the seeds of demoralization later on, so I want to make sure this campaign stays on the high ground.

RUSH: So Smith then says, ‘When the primary season’s over, do you want the superdelegates to have some sort of vote immediately so that you’ll know months in advance of the convention what the outcome is?’

DEAN: Well, I think the superdelegates have already been weighing in. I think there’s 800 of them and 450 have already said who they’re for. I’d like the other 350 to say who they’re for at some point between now and the 1st of July so we don’t have to take this into the convention.

RUSH: Look, Mr. Dean, you are now conducting a counterstrike on Operation Chaos, and we’ve been ready for this. We’ve been prepared for this. That’s why there is another three phases of Operation Chaos. If you missed the explanation of Operation Chaos phase two, phase three, phase four yesterday, I’ll do it again here shortly so that all of you are up to speed. But Mr. Dean, just count every vote out there, Howie. Stop trying to obstruct the process. Superdelegates are part of the process. They get to vote, too. They’re not second class delegates. You know, and you can’t force ’em to vote when they’re not ready to vote. This is very, very undemocratic here what the chairman of the Democrat National Committee is attempting to do. Make no mistake about this, though, ladies and gentlemen, this is a calculated counterstrike on Operation Chaos.


RUSH: By the way, it’s not just Howard Dean, ladies and gentlemen, that’s trying to thwart Operation Chaos. A former chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Chris Dodd, has also said they gotta end this before the convention. They can’t go to the convention without a nominee; it just isn’t going to work. Operation Chaos is in full bloom, in full force, and the Democrat Party fully aware of it. I mean, look what happens here. Just count every vote, Howie! It’s the only way to do this. First the Democrats try to deny military voters in Florida (remember that?) in 2000, and then they try to rig the 2000 election. They tried to rig it by going to court. Now they’re trying to disenfranchise some of their own delegates! You know, this bunch ought to change their name from the Democrat Party to the Aristocrat Party, because that’s what it looks like: the schlubs, the everyday Democrats that go vote in these primaries, it’s not going to matter. Mrs. Clinton has as much as said so.

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