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RUSH: This is really huge news. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Stephen Johnson, ‘has shelved his agency’s findings that greenhouse gases are a danger to the public…’ Do you realize…? This is amazing. The EPA administrator Stephen Johnson on Thursday told Congress that he will initiate a lengthy public comment period about whether such emissions are a risk before responding to a US Supreme Court order. The move means there is virtually no chance the Bush administration will act to regulate greenhouse gases in response to the high court’s decision in the time left in office. The decision by the Environmental Protection Agency infuriated Democratic lawmakers and attorneys who won the landmark case before the high court last spring. ‘This is a transparent delaying tactic and a major reversal of EPA’s position,’ said Rep. Henry A. Waxman. ‘The Bush administration is recklessly abandoning its responsibility to address the global warming crisis.’

”It’s outrageous,’ said Sierra Club attorney David Bookbinder, one of the lead attorneys on the case… EPA spokesman Jonathan Shradar countered criticism of the decision by saying, ‘No matter what is shouted or screamed from the rooftops, this is truly a historic moment. No administration has taken this step to evaluate this new pollutant.” This is a courageous step. At the EPA, they just said, ‘Screw it. We’re not going to automatically accept the fact that greenhouse gases are a danger to the public.’ This affects all kinds of things, from mileage standards, to taxes, any number of things. Can I summarize global warming for you very simply? We have waxed eloquent on this program for years about global warming, and it really is about two things. This whole manmade global warming hoax is about two things. Number one: It is about empowering government to run more and more of the aspects of private business and the private sector. It is simply a trick that is designed to get government tentacles into more and more of American business and the private sector as possible.

Number two: The manmade global warming hoax is about turning carbon dioxide — ’cause it is everywhere. We exhale it. It’s about turning carbon dioxide into gold. For those of you in Rio Linda, let me explain that. Have you heard of carbon credits? Have you heard of buying credits for your ‘carbon footprint’? Your ‘carbon footprint’ is everything you use electricity-wise in your home, your car, how many vacations you take on an airplane, your exhalations, and all of these things. And the manmade global warming hoax says that all those things are pollutants, because carbon dioxide is a pollutant. It is a greenhouse gas. So any time you use any source of power or energy, you are polluting, including when you exhale. So what has to happen? Well, we have to somehow cancel our ‘carbon footprints.’ So what do we do? We pay companies to plant trees to soak up all of the carbon that we are exhaling and putting into the atmosphere. It’s simply a financial scam. It is an attempt to turn something that is as plentiful as any other thing on the planet into gold, into quick cash; doing it on the basis of the guilt that they have made people feel for engaging in this ruinous-to-the-climate and the planet behavior. So those are the two things. That’s really all this is about: expanding government, give ’em more control over private sector businesses, and turning carbon dioxide into gold.


RUSH: I cannot tell you, I really cannot tell you how big this decision by the EPA administrator Stephen Johnson is, in terms of economics. This is such great news, given the economic circumstances many people think the country is in. He has just told the Supreme Court, (paraphrasing) ‘We’re going to shelve this business. We’re not going to automatically conclude that greenhouse gases are a danger, that they are a pollutant, we’re going to study this. Just because the court says we can do it, we’re not going to do it.’ And the libs are fighting mad. This is huge. But I have to tell you something, when Barack Obama gets his hands on the EPA, this will change. When Hillary Clinton gets her hands on the EPA, this will change. For that matter, when John McCain gets his hands on the EPA, this will change. If any of the three potential presidential candidates — and one of them is going to win — if any of these three win, this will change, and the EPA will get a new administrator, and that administrator will be ordered to find that greenhouse gases are pollutants. We are so shafted. But we plod on.

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