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Rush’s Morning Update: Progress
March 28, 2008

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You know, my friends, there are times when we must measure progress in small, incremental steps;for example, two communist states making progress– albeit small– granting their people incremental doses of freedom.

First: The rulers in the communist paradise of Cubaissued microwave ovens to 3,000 households as part of a pilot program. The appliances are really small– I mean, they’re barely big enough for a loaf of bread– but the island’s subjects love them. If the microwaves don’t use too much electricity,one day all Cubans might be able to purchase them from state-run storesunder the same long-term-credit program that allows consumers in Cubato buy subsidized color TVs, pressure cookers, and refrigerators. Some Cuban subjects are openly dreaming of the day thatthey will be allowed to own a DVD player or a personal computer.Hey, don’t smirk, folks — this is progress.

Second item: Rulers in theparadise of California are considering relaxing– just a littlebit– regulations to force car makers to manufacture 25,000 “zero emission cars” by 2014. The original regulation was adopted in the early ’90s, requiring the car makers to make 10 percent of their fleets zero emission by 2003. Now, thatdidn’t work. So far, the goal to requirezero emission cars by 2014 isn’t working, either; not one commercial vehicle has been produced. So,to the chagrin of the environmentalist wackos,regulators in California are considering relaxing the rules. Again.

But,don’t knock it, my friends–it’s progress! One day Cuba could be free. California? It’s another matter.

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