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RUSH: Listen to this from Barack Obama, yesterday, in Greensboro, North Carolina at a campaign event. He’s talking about his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

OBAMA: This is somebody who was preachin’ three sermons, at least a week for 30 years and got boiled down, they found five or six of his most offensive statements, boiled that down into a half an hour sound clip — or a — a — a half-minute sound clip, and just played it over and over and over again, partly because it — it — it — it spoke to the racial divisions that we have in this country and it tapped into some of those divisions. I — I hope people don’t get distracted by that.

RUSH: Too late.

OBAMA: We cannot sooolve the problems of America if every time somebody somewhere says something stupid, that everybody gets up in arms and we forget about the war in Iraq or we forget about the economy.

RUSH: Nice try, Barack, but the dirty little secret is that you, sir, are the candidate of ‘unity.’ If you are the candidate of unity, why can’t you even bring your own party together? Why can’t you and Hillary get together and solve this, instead of having Operation Chaos prolong all of this disunity? I mean, these people are starting to tear each other apart now. This is great, by the way. This is exactly the purpose. When we sat down and designed Operation Chaos, this was exactly the purpose. This guy can’t unify anybody, and now he’s blaming us for his pastor.

(playing of Obama apology spoof)


RUSH: Operation Chaos. Did you see Mrs. Clinton last night by any chance on the Fox News Channel with Greta Van Susteren? They’re not going anywhere, folks! I told you yesterday. She’s talking about a credentials fight at the convention!

They have no intention of losing this nomination, and Clinton’s out there saying to Obama, (doing Bill Clinton impression) ‘Hey, look, pal, you know you’re sitting out there and you’re acting all upset, all these attacks. If you don’t want to get hit, then you don’t get in the ring. If you don’t want to get hit, then don’t get in politics. You’re going to have to man up out there, man. You’re acting like wimp and a little baby. If you think we’re going away, you can’t unify. Ask Limbaugh. Limbaugh knows. He knows me, he knows us, you’re whistling Dixie down there pal. You don’t want to whistle that too loud where you’ve been lately.’

So they’re having all kinds of problems uniting people here, and Obama is the lead unifier, and it ain’t going to happen.

In fact, Joe Klein, at TIME Magazine, has suggested, ladies and gentlemen, that if they actually go to the convention and it falls apart there, they have their credentials fight, that the superdelegates, just take a hundred superdelegates to say, ‘Nope, we’re not voting for either of these two. We want Algore.’ Joe Klein at TIME Magazine is suggesting Algore and Obama as the ticket. Mr. Klein, you know the Clintons as well as any of us, and you know that that isn’t going to fly.

So Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen, is unfolding before our eyes in ways we wouldn’t even have dreamt of. It is delightful to see. At the Christian Science Monitor today, there’s a story by Dante Chinni, and it’s actually quite hilarious. The guy’s headline is this: ‘Rushing to Register? Limbaugh’s Efforts Not Yet Showing Signs of Big Effects in Pennsylvania,’ which is wishful thinking on the part of the Drive-By Media. But by the end of this guy’s piece he’s not so sure that Operation Chaos won’t have an impact, details coming up. In the meantime, on Fox & Friends this morning on the Fox News Channel, Gretchen Carlson is talking with the official judge of the Fox News Channel, Andrew Napolitano who looks — and he’s a friend of mine, don’t misunderstand — he looks like an adult Eddie Munster. Judge Napolitano is asked the following question by the lovely and gracious Gretchen Carlson. ‘Hillary Clinton claims victory in Ohio in the state’s Democrat presidential primary. Now some of the voters who may have helped her get that win, could go to jail.’

NAPOLITANO: It’s true that they could face jail. It’s true that some election commissioners in one county in Ohio want to investigate this. It is extremely unlikely that they would ever go to jail for exercising their right to vote in somebody else’s primary. Rush Limbaugh was participating in a great American institution. This has been going on for a hundred years. You vote in your opponent’s party and you vote for the weaker of the candidates in your opponent’s party.

Look, the Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that no government official can interrogate you as to who you voted for and why you voted for that person.

RUSH: Nor can they sit out there and have loyalty oaths as they did in Ohio. So it’s going to be very interesting to watch these next few months, ladies and gentlemen. Who’s going to fix this? Who is going to fix the mess the Democrat Party’s found itself in? Harry Reid gonna fix it? Howard Dean gonna work it out? Superdelegates, are they going to settle this? What, are we being had? Senator Obama, we are told, is first an instrument of hope and then an instrument of change. Obama and his followers say that his biggest asset is bringing both sides together. His both sides are liberals. Both sides in the fight on the Democrat Party are liberals. Some might call themselves progressives, but others might call themselves liberals. But that’s another story for another time. Obama and his followers and his adorers have decided he can bring us all together, that he can reach across aisles, he can reach across oceans. Who knows, he might be able to reach across galaxies, bring people together, to find common ground from the mountaintop, and so, my friends, Operation Chaos is now facing its greatest challenge. Will Obama show his proclaimed talents, reach across the aisle to the Clinton campaign — have you ever stopped to really consider this? This fight is between liberals and liberals. The war is between liberals and liberals. If you can’t unify liberals, how in the world can you unify anybody else? If he can do it, then he might be able to put an end to Operation Chaos, which is now facing its greatest challenge if Obama shows his proclaimed talents to reach across the aisle to the Clinton campaign. If Obama can convince her, her being Hillary, then he might well convince the rest of us.

(playing of Obama apology spoof)

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