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RUSH: Jamie Rubin, Mr. Christiane Amanpour, worked in the State Department during the Clinton years, was on MSNBC Live yesterday afternoon with Andrea Mitchell, and she said, ‘Why would Mrs. Clinton say that she’d come under snipper fire and that they had to cancel the tarmac arrival ceremony when there’s ample video that it didn’t happen? And it wasn’t just that she’s tired, sleep deprived like she said yesterday, because she’s lied about this three separate times.’

RUBIN: The 1st Armored Division was deployed on the ground to protect the area. Apache helicopters were hovering nearby to protect the area. There were risks and that the flight had to land in a different way to take account of those risks. And that all of these factors show that this was not a flight to New Jersey, Andrea, this was a flight into a war zone.

RUSH: Classic Clinton. She lies through her teeth. A Drive-By Media expert asks a supporter, ‘Why is she lying?’ ‘Hey, what do you think this was, a flight to New Jersey? This was dangerous, damn it,’ continuing the lie. And the next question, well, basically Rubin just continued. He said this about the Obama campaign.

RUBIN: This is the campaign that calls itself the campaign of high politics. These are low and dirty political tricks to try to diminish a successful first ladyship. Yes, she made a mistake. She admitted she made a mistake, and she’s not going to get out of the race the way David Brooks and — and Maureen Dowd and all the other buddies of the Washington press corps want her to do. I don’t understand why all of you people in the media don’t get it. He is using personal attacks and diversionary tactics to avoid the discussion of the issues. That’s what’s going on.

RUSH: They are livid at Barack Obama in the Clinton campaign, and they’re frustrated that the Drive-Bys don’t see it. By the way, the pilot who flew Mrs. Clinton into Tuzla, Bosnia, says that she is lying about being ordered to sit on her flak jacket, that they didn’t make an evasive maneuver, there wasn’t any corkscrewing, there were no bullets flying around. This happened on The Rusty Humphries Show. Colonel William ‘Goose’ Changose, the pilot who flew Hillary Clinton into Bosnia, Rusty Humphries’ question: ‘She said she was told to sit on her flak jacket.’

CHANGOSE: I remember that in Apocalypse Now they sat on their flak jacket. Nobody under my watch has ever directed somebody to sit on their flak jacket. No evasive maneuver. The commander of Air Base Eagle, he had that place — and not only weren’t there bullets flying around, there was no bumblebee flying around. It was really impressive. He had — he had tanks pointing all the way around the perimeter, he had ground troops everyplace. He had helicopters in the air, making sure that nobody — you know, for any ground movement. You know, if there had been sniper fire going on, first of all, we wouldn’t have landed. Number two, we wouldn’t have let her outside the plane.

RUSH: Exactly. But there was no snipper fire. So Jamie Rubin, he’s just been canceled, at least on this program.

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