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RUSH: This is Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania. Hi, Laura. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, thanks for all you do, and to Bo, too, for his good comments. You know, I am a retired military major. I was a nurse for 20 years, and I never had to go into a battlefield situation. I never was fired on. And I am in awe of those that do that; that have the courage to put on the uniform and put their lives at risk. I am so furious with Hillary making up a story that she, you know, has the courage to go in and take sniper fire. This is an insult to anybody who’s ever put on a uniform and put their lives at risk —

RUSH: Explain why it’s an insult. I’ve been getting e-mails, some people don’t understand why the military is so upset by what she said.

CALLER: If a person understands their role, they know that when they go into harm’s way, their lives can be lost. That takes courage. That’s extraordinary. Those are the people that serve, and they volunteer. For her to equate herself to, you know, bring power to herself by making up this story that, ‘look, I have just as much courage as anyone wearing the uniform,’ that just demeans the courage that —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — these men and women that do that every day.

RUSH: That’s right, we corkscrewed in there, and I had to avoid sniper fire.

CALLER: I am so insulted by that made-up story.

RUSH: You ought to be.

CALLER: It’s a lie, and it infuriates me.

RUSH: I will tell you, that’s a great explanation. I’ll give you another reason why members of the military are upset about this, because nobody who wears the uniform, from a commanding officer on down to enlisted person, would ever allow the first lady of the United States to get off an airplane amongst and amidst sniper fire. It just would not happen. It makes them out to be irresponsible. It’s more than just the fact she’s trying to pass off this notion that she’s brave and courageous as the people that wear the uniform, especially when we know that she has held them in such contempt for so many years.

CALLER: That’s true, too. And for the people who have served and that continue to serve and have to listen to them say that we’re going to lose this war and, you know, it’s not worth fighting, she’s part of the degradation of those men and women and I just want to tell them and their families, thank you for your courage every day despite people like this.

RUSH: I’m grateful for your call. I want you to hang on and listen to something, because last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews had a guest, Representative Joe Sestak, he’s a Democrat from Pennsylvania, and Sestak’s former military, I think admiral or something? Don’t quote me on this. My memory may not be accurate on this. He did go to the Naval Academy, I do know that. So listen to this. If you’re already mad, Laura, at Hillary, here’s one of her defenders. The question for Representative Sestak from Chris Matthews, ‘Was Hillary Clinton ever under enemy fire? Did she ever duck in cover because of sniper fire ever in her life? That’s the question.’

SESTAK: The important issue here, Chris, is the whole cloth of the woman. You had Franklin Roosevelt, who, when he ran for vice president, actually claimed he was a Latin-American expert, and here he was saying he wrote the Constitution for Haiti. Or John F. Kennedy, he claimed that there was a missile gap and he had Addison’s disease. The point is this, Chris, would we have wanted them as president? You bet we would have.

MATTHEWS: Why are you defending — you amaze me. You are a loyalist.

RUSH: Why are you defending, Matthews said to Sestak. He didn’t answer the question, was she under snipper fire? I’m saying snipper because I’ve got somebody writing me notes about it that keeps typoing it as snippers. I think it’s funny. It looks funny, it sounds funny, ‘snipper.’ F. Lee Levin, he keeps sending me this stuff about snipper fire. Anyway, Matthews says, ‘What are you actually defending here? Are you defending her lying?’

SESTAK: I went to the Naval Academy, there was an honor code there, but very few people read that honor code. That honor code says, hey, you won’t lie, steal, or cheat but also says if you see someone who does you don’t then report them. You have a choice, you report them or you counsel them. Because we recognize that we’re humans, whether it’s Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy or Hillary Clinton or Senator Obama, we all have our faults. The question is this, who’s ready on day one, because of what she learned in Bosnia —


SEASTACK: — that in order to lead this nation —

RUSH: So here’s a Naval Academy grad defending lying, claiming that her lie gave her experience, qualifying her with all these other people to answer the phone at three o’clock in the morning. This goes back to exactly what I was saying at the beginning of this program. Liberals lie, liberalism is a lie. They cannot face the truth. She lied about this, insultingly so. And now you’ve got Sestak out there defending her? By the way, he did say in another bite, he said, ‘Well, you know, she corrected her mistake real quick.’ No, Joe, she didn’t. She didn’t correct this mistake for a long, long time. Liberals lie, folks, liberalism is a lie. So why should we be stunned that a Hillary defender would lie? Why should we be stunned that Hillary would lie? We’re back to the ‘everybody does it,’ and on the left I think they’ve got a point.

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