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RUSH: Back to the phones, to Phoenix, this is Dan. I’m glad you called, sir. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Hey, my whole thought on the whole thing is people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They lied about like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, people have lied about, I mean, other things like, I mean, like you’ve had your problems, too, as well —

RUSH: You know, you guys, this is the wrong place to call to try this kind of stuff.

CALLER: No, I’m just staying with the point. I’ve been listening —

RUSH: Doesn’t work here.

CALLER: Rush, I’ve been listening all morning and all you’ve been talking about is how she lied, how the Democrats lie.

RUSH: They do! Not Democrats. Liberals.

CALLER: Well, that’s fine. I understand that, so do Republicans.

RUSH: Liberalism is a lie, is the point.

CALLER: And conservatism is not, right?

RUSH: Of course not.

CALLER: So some of the people whose views are conservative have never lied?

RUSH: No, no, you’re missing the point. Once again you are not nuanced — it’s my fault.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you all morning, though, sir.

RUSH: I am the professional communicator here —

CALLER: I understand that but —

RUSH: — and you’re not getting it, and I’m going to take the blame on myself, and I’m going to use the occasion of your call to try again.

CALLER: No, you should not apologize for what I have to say, because what I have to say is just a point.

RUSH: I’m not apologizing for what you say. See, liberals apologize. I’m not apologizing for what you say.

CALLER: You’re apologizing for how I interpreted what you said.

RUSH: I’m apologizing for failing to make myself clear to you. And no wonder, you never shut up to listen to anything.

CALLER: I’m listening to you, Rush.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: You have the right to hang up on me and you will choose that right pretty soon.

RUSH: I don’t hang up on people. Listen to him, ‘you have the right to hang up.’

CALLER: And you will, I have no doubt in my mind that you would.

RUSH: I do not hang up on people, but I am not going to sit here and be distracted. I am the professional highly trained host here.

CALLER: Okay, I understand that.

RUSH: Well, you’re not showing much respect. Liberalism, let me try it again —

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: I’m going to give you one question and you gotta promise me you’ll let me say three sentences without you even exhaling.

CALLER: Yes, sir, I will do that.

RUSH: Okay, what’s the question?

CALLER: Have you ever been misinformed? Maybe when Hillary Clinton said that she was receiving sniper fire, maybe somebody in the military said, ‘We had reports of sniper fire earlier today.’ I was in the military, sir, for three years, and I know how misinformation gets there, how people take over-precautions to protect, and someone might have said something like that. So she ran with it. And I’ll listen to you right now.

RUSH: I don’t even know if it’s worth my own exhaling.

CALLER: Exactly, because you —

RUSH: No, because you are pathetic.

CALLER: No. I’m just asking you —

RUSH: — to say maybe Hillary misspoke, she was misinformed about the sniper —

CALLER: I’m not defending her, I’m just saying —

RUSH: She said there was sniper fire and that she had to run. That means she should have heard it, she should have seen people running for cover. She lied! The Clintons equal l-i-e. The way you spell Clinton is l-i-e. And liberalism is a lie, and I’m going to give you here my three sentences and then we’re going to move on. Liberalism by definition is a lie. Liberal policies, liberal beliefs, liberal plans all fail. Liberals know it. Liberals are in it for a host of reasons other than end results that actually work. End results that work, that don’t involve government, threaten liberals. But all of liberalism is a lie. National health care will not work, Dan. National subsidized anything will not work. Nobody in government, nobody in the Democrat Party, none of these presidential candidates has the slightest idea how to run the oil business or the agriculture business or how to do anything in the energy business. And yet they hold themselves out as experts. They lie, pure and simple. Mrs. Clinton lied about sniper fire and whole bunch of other stuff.


RUSH: This is Delton. Mexico City, Mexico.


RUSH: Hey, Delton, you’re a high school student I see it says here. Welcome to our program.

CALLER: Yeah. We’re just living down here serving our country at the embassy, you know, my dad’s working as a doctor down here, but —

RUSH: Oh, now I understand it, okay.

CALLER: Yeah, we listen to you every day, I mean I’m on spring break, so, you know, I’ve been listening to Rush three hours every day, and, you know, I just wanted to call in, this whole Operation Chaos thing, I love it. I want you to know there’s a lot of criticism from especially the students in the high school and college, but I want you to know that there are some out there that really support you. You are one of my greatest heroes. You are a true American, and I look up to you, and everything you’re doing is great. And, you know, in response to the caller who called a while ago, who was arguing with you and wouldn’t let you have a moment’s peace to respond, well, I’ve been studying in high school the way liberalism works, and that up until, you know, from the medieval ages up until just before the end of the nineteenth century, there was a conservative system. And with it, there was peace. And there was harmony, and the government worked well. But in 1848 when the liberal revolution started happening Europe was overturned and it was chaotic and nothing really became of it.

RUSH: Well, you’re quite right, and well educated, too. And you’ve made my day. We’re sitting here, we’re having a ball, Delton, with Operation Chaos. It’s just fun, and one of the reasons why it’s fun is because it is working. It is working phenomenally well, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. I want to put you on hold here, you can talk to Mr. Snerdley, because when we get the merchandise in, I’m going to send you some Operation Chaos uniform gear, cap, some T-shirts and stuff, and some bumper stickers, a couple or three so that you can give to some of these people in your high school that do not like Operation Chaos.

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