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RUSH: I mentioned in the last hour this Nation magazine story that’s urging prosecution of your host and indictment, for voter fraud in Ohio and Texas. I had a chance here to read the story because it actually came to me — Koko sent it to me — while the program was underway, and I read a little bit of it during a break. The clear intent in this Nation story is to intimidate you, to intimidate Operation Chaos voters from using your right to vote. If you were to read this story, they’re trying to intimidate you. They want to make you think that you could get arrested for it, and they want to make you think that you could go to jail for it. Now, who are these people, these commies at The Nation? These are the same people who every election cycle claim Republicans are engaged in voter suppression and voter intimidation, and yet it is the left and the Democrats and the commies at The Nation, who are now engaging in voter suppression and voter intimidation. It is people at The Nation and others who are trying to intimidate and threaten you by intimidating you and, in the end, disenfranchise you.

You have registered to vote in Pennsylvania, and they are attempting to use the intimidation factor in order to get you to not show up and vote. They want to scare you into thinking that you will be going to jail. So disenfranchisement, voter suppression, voter intimidation: all originating from sources on the left. How can you intimidate somebody more than to threaten to arrest them if they vote the wrong way, which is what the writers at The Nation and others are attempting to do here. This is classic, and this is excellent. It’s fabulous to have this on display. Operation Chaos is exceeding all objectives. It is exposing Democrats and liberals for who they really are. They suppress votes. They intimidate voters. They do their best to intimidate and disenfranchise people, by threatening to arrest them if they vote the wrong way. I mean, we’re laughing about it here, but it’s pretty serious, when you stop and think about it. I mean, nobody has a right to know who you voted for. You don’t have to sign a pledge or a loyalty oath or any of that. The vote is private. It is yours.

You can vote for anybody. You can write in a vote. You can do whatever you want, and the left is trying to scare you out of doing that by threatening you with possible jail time, especially if you vote the wrong way. Will they next suggest that the state bring out the dogs on Election Day on April 22nd at the polls, set up roadblocks near polling places, have family members turn in voters who cross party lines? We have, maybe, barely scratched the surface. They are so livid, ladies and gentlemen, that Republicans may be voting in the Democrat primaries that they might bring out the dogs. They might ask family members to turn on other family members — turn ’em in — who cross party lines. Of course, they can’t cross party lines. They’ve registered as Democrats. So this is all good. This is all good. Do not be intimidated; do not be frightened. You are not going to jail. If anybody goes to jail, I will go to jail for all of us, and I will broadcast live for the ten minutes that I am in there, after I’m… (laughing) This is just… (laughing) Oh, my friends, we never even envisioned this when Operation Chaos started, but it just keeps expanding.

CARL: I wish you would stop the Operation Chaos. It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: Once again Carl Barkley there from Philadelphia. The broadcast engineer has permission, granted by me, to insert Carl Barkley at any point during discussions of Operation Chaos. You know, yesterday, this loyalty oath business, we were talking about Ohio. The law in Ohio says that if you’re going to register Democrat, then you have to pledge loyalty. (garbled) I mean, how does anybody know what the principles of the party are going to be from day to day? By the way, folks, I have to tell you something. With these three candidates — Hillary, Obama, and John McCain — there’s no way that you cannot be pledging loyalty to the Democrat Party and liberal ideas. All three candidates have some. So don’t sweat it here. But isn’t it fascinating, here? The Democrat Party in Ohio is now about loyalty oaths. You got people in the Democrat Party calling Bill Clinton a McCarthyite. You have James Carville calling Bill Richardson Judas. He’s not backing down from this. But — but — whatever you do as a Democrat, don’t get caught wearing an American flag.


We’ll start in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with Rich. Welcome, sir, nice to have you here with us.

CALLER: Well, thank you. First, let me say in fairness to Hillary Clinton, when snipers are firing at someone’s head, how can they remember exactly what’s happening? So in fairness to her, we gotta understand that she may not have understood the events as they took place. But —

RUSH: Well, there are eyewitnesses saying there weren’t snipers firing. There was no sniper fire, Rich. There are eyewitnesses from Sinbad to the CBS broadcast crew. It’s a tough thing to say that you were so scared that you missed the sniper fire. But look it, as you heard me say this should not detract from anybody in Operation Chaos voting for her. I don’t want this to change anybody’s mind about her. We’re not abandoning her at all. This is Save Hillary Clinton Day at the EIB Network.

CALLER: Well, I am calling about Operation Chaos. I worked in Texas and am working in Pennsylvania for the Obama campaign, and I saw a lot of Republicans come out and vote in Texas. Rush, you make me mad. This Operation Chaos, you need to stop trying to influence the outcome of the Democratic nomination to further your Bush agenda. I’m not saying it’s working. I don’t believe it is. But this is another dirty Karl Rove, Richard [sic] Stone trick, and Democrats have not tried to change Republican races.

RUSH: I must tell you that Richard Stone and Karl Rove have no knowledge — by the way, it’s Roger Stone. Roger Stone and Karl Rove have no knowledge of Operation Chaos. They had nothing to do with it, it’s my idea. We’re not trying to push the Bush agenda. We are trying to create chaos, which we have done, in the Democrat primaries.

CALLER: Well, I disagree. I don’t believe that it’s working, and let me —

RUSH: You don’t? Well, what would you call what’s happening in the Democrat primaries?

CALLER: Well, what I think it is, in Texas where I worked on the Obama campaign, I saw Republicans come out and vote —

RUSH: This explains it. You worked on the Obama campaign. So naturally you’d be upset here.

CALLER: Well, no —

RUSH: If it weren’t for Operation Chaos, your guy would have already wrapped this up.

CALLER: Well, I think that was voter fraud, not Operation Chaos. They’re Republicans, and this is a Democratic primary. They had no right coming out and voting for Hillary.

RUSH: You know, Rich, I really love you. I like you being out there. I’m flattered that you’re in the audience, but you’re going to have to get smarter. Both Hillary and Obama, as we speak in Pennsylvania, Obama especially, running radio ads — well, he can’t now because the registration deadline was yesterday, but all last week Obama was running radio ads targeted at Republicans asking them to go register as Democrats and vote for him in the Pennsylvania primary. He was placing leaflets and doorknob notices in Iowa, doing the same thing. You think John McCain would be the Republican nominee were it not for Democrats and independents crossing over and voting in the early Republican primary? You guys just can’t handle when we play the same way you play according to the rules that you write.

You guys chose our nominee, and now the guys at The Nation magazine are trying to intimidate my people, who will not be intimidated, Rich! My people, they’re being intimidated, their votes are being suppressed. They’re being disenfranchised, they’re being threatened with jail time, Rich, by the people who claim that voter suppression occurs on the Republican side. I am encouraging more turnout. We’re going to have to more Democrats voting in Pennsylvania than ever before because of who? Me and Operation Chaos. I am not suppressing the vote. I am encouraging participation in the Democrat process, and you call here and tell me that I should stay out of the race. This is a race for president of the United States, and all of us as citizens, there’s no law that says Republicans can’t vote Democrats and vice-versa. There’s no law whatsoever. But you’re trying to create one now, with the threat of prosecution and indictment and so forth. This is the big leagues. Learn it, love it, live it.

Patrick in El Paso, Texas, I’m glad you called, sir. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Yes, we’re stuck with John McCain, but we do (unintelligible), we want to save our country. Is it possible, Rush, that we could get 250,000 Republican couples, perhaps retirees who will answer the call of duty, move from conservative states — Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, states we know we’re going to carry — take up residence in California, so that we can tip the balance there in the fall as a fitting climax to Operation Chaos.

RUSH: Well, let’s explore this. You’ve got 250,000 couples. You think 500,000 votes would swing the difference in California?

CALLER: Well, the past two elections, I believe, if I’m correct, we’ve lost by 1.2 million, in 2000 and 2004. So we would only have to swing it 600,000, and McCain would probably fare quite a bit better than Bush did in the states.

RUSH: Right, at getting Democrats to cross the aisle and vote for him, which, if we were like Democrats, would make it illegal. Okay, so you want 250,000 couples — you want them to permanently move out there? That’s going to be much tougher.

CALLER: No, just retirees or semi-retirees, maybe always wanted to live out there for a year or so —

RUSH: Well, that may have been the case. I don’t know how many of them do anymore.

CALLER: It’s to save our country, Rush.

RUSH: Are you retired, Patrick?

CALLER: No, I’m only 45.

RUSH: Only 45. I see. And you’re choosing retirees because retirees vote and they’re not locked down with jobs.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: If we get 250,000 retiree couples to move to California temporarily, just get a six-month lease on an apartment, register as Republicans and then move back to their home state so we could tilt the balance in California?

CALLER: This election is that important.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s worth looking into. It’s worth pondering.

CALLER: And they would go down in the history books as answering their call to duty when their country needed them.

RUSH: It clearly would be the modern-day equivalent of the pioneers resettling the Western territories. Not a bad idea. I mean, it’s not very practical. I don’t know how many people have the ability to do this, but it’s certainly something worth considering. See, look at what’s happening here, ladies and gentlemen. People are into Operation Chaos, and now looking at ways, substantive ways, to expand the influence and reach of Operation Chaos. I love it. We’ll look into the idea.

Here’s Michael in Pittsburgh. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Good, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to say that yesterday I filled out my voter registration card, I got it all filled out except the final part where you check the party and took a little bit of nudging from my girlfriend to finally check the Democrat block. I didn’t think I had it in me, but —

RUSH: Tell me something. Tell me something. I have heard eyewitness accounts, personal testimony from people in Pennsylvania who registered Democrat for the express purpose of Operation Chaos, and they felt excited, they felt like they mattered, that their vote was going to count. Did you feel that way, or did you feel trepidation?

CALLER: I kind of felt like I was, you know, I don’t know, a secret agent undercover attending a Nazi rally or something. I felt like I was doing a dirty, but it was for a good cause.

RUSH: Not a Nazi rally. I mean you wouldn’t —

CALLER: Not a Nazi rally.

RUSH: What kind of a rally would it be? Environmentalist wacko rally or some such thing.

CALLER: Yeah, some sort of college, hippie party.

RUSH: Yeah. All right, but you’re going to go and vote?

CALLER: I’m going to go and vote.

RUSH: Are you intimidated? Have people succeeded in intimidating you with the threat of jail time? Are you worried there will be dogs at your polling place? Are you worried family members might turn you in and Democrats might come chase you?

CALLER: No, I really don’t worry about that. Most of my immediate family long ago converted. I feel I had something to do with that. And just like you and our local show, a guy, Jim Quinn, converted me to conservatism.

RUSH: Excellent. I’m happy to hear it. Quinn is a great guy, and so is Rose.

CALLER: Oh, definitely.

RUSH: All right, well, look, Michael, I appreciate the phone call. See, this happened hundreds of thousands of times across the state of Pennsylvania in the last two to three weeks due to Operation Chaos, which continues to roll on. Operation Chaos will obviously be in play in North Carolina. Obama has lost his lead in North Carolina. He had a huge lead in North Carolina. In fact, Obama, so concerned about Operation Chaos — he’s down in the Virgin Islands. He’s in Charlotte Amalie, in the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas — he’s going to be coming back tomorrow, and I understand that Obama is going to embark on a six-day bus tour throughout the state of Pennsylvania. He’s ten points down in the latest Rasmussen poll. He was 11 points down a week ago, in the last polling period. Not sure it was a week ago, but he’s taking Operation Chaos very seriously, folks. Six-day barnstorming bus tour all across Pennsylvania to counter Operation Chaos.

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