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RUSH: We’ve done the Hillary story from front to back. We’ve done it sideways. We have covered it from virtually every angle: looking up, looking down, going through it. However, in terms of Operation Chaos…

CARL: I wish you would stop the Operation Chaos. It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: Uh. (laughing) Again, Carl Barkley from Philadelphia on the phone with us yesterday. Now, this is no reason… Those of you in Pennsylvania who are Republicans among the 161,000 that have been tabulated registered as Democrats by yesterday, there’s no reason not to vote for Mrs. Clinton. There’s no news here. Mrs. Clinton was being Mrs. Clinton. There’s nothing new about Mrs. Clinton or Bill Clinton telling a lie. This is no reason and this is no time, to abandon Mrs. Clinton. Operation Chaos must continue!

CARL: Please stop the Operation Chaos. Please stop the — talk about the economy.

RUSH: Operation Chaos must go through the Democrat convention! The objective here is to keep Mrs. Clinton in a proper frame of mind, a positive spirit surrounding her and her campaign, so that she sees this through. We want her all the way to the convention, and we want her stealing the nomination from Barack Obama, or at least trying to. This is no time to abandon Mrs. Clinton. Do not let anything that you have heard today about her Bosnia lie dissuade you from supporting her in upcoming Democrat primaries, because the only real news here is that the Drive-By Media are the ones who killed her, or who tried to. Look, our buddies at NewsBusters.com had this last week. That’s when we talked about it, too. CBS has had the footage since 1996. They have known Mrs. Clinton has been prevaricating about this since December 29th, the first example of the lie. She’s told the lie four times now, not just one, and yet they sat on it from December 29th until last night. It doesn’t matter; they finally got on it. But in terms of this changing anyone’s opinion of Mrs. Clinton, it shouldn’t. The Clintons are the Clintons. You know, a tiger is a tiger.

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