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RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program today that we had an exclusive here, Bill Clinton on MTV. I think this airs tomorrow. It happened on March 16th. He took questions from the mtvU Board, and a college reporter Lily Lamboy is asking Clinton, ‘Why did Melissa Etheridge say that you threw gay people under the bus?’ Now, we’ve come a long way on MTV. Last time Clinton was on MTV boxers or briefs was the question, and he answered it. Now, no more softballs. MTV student questioner grills Clinton on gay marriage, and he comes close to losing his temper here, but what I want you to notice is the stress, I want you to notice the tension in Clinton during this exchange with the MTV info babe.

CLINTON: Let me ask you this. Do you believe there will be more or fewer efforts to ban gay marriage constitutionally around the country if a Massachusetts marriage has to be sanctified in Utah? Yes or no, answer the question. We live in the real world here.

LAMBOY: I understand, it’s a political backlash.

CLINTON: No, no, no, not a political backlash, as a substantive backlash, the lives of gay people, will there be more or fewer gay couples free of harassment if the law is that every gay couple in America could go to Massachusetts and marry would then have to be recognized in Utah?

LAMBOY: When is that going to change, though, if you’re not willing to set a firm stance in —

CLINTON: So you don’t care what the practical implications are?

LAMBOY: No, I’m not saying the pragmatic concerns —

CLINTON: I’ll tell you what Hillary’s position is. Hillary’s position is she’s opposed to it and she also believes we can now — she’s also opposed to the ban on gays serving in the military.

RUSH: I frankly don’t even know what they were talking about here. I can’t tell from this exchange whether Clinton is for or against gay marriage universally, state to state, whatever. Bust just the argumentative — he was on the verge of blowing up at this young female reporterette. (doing Clinton impression) ‘So you don’t care what the practical implications are, you don’t care about that?’ It’s stress time. They’re cracking at the Clinton campaign.

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