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To continue a little discussion we had last week, this is from ThisisLondon. It’s a UK newspaper site that is an amalgamation of lots of newspapers. I’m not sure which newspaper this is from, but, anyway, ‘Scientist Warns Biofuels’ i.e., ethanol ‘Could Cause More Harm Than Good — A top scientist has warned the Government that their focus on ‘green’ biofuels may be doing more harm to the environment than good. Professor Robert Watson, the chief environmental advisor, said laws to boost use of biofuels by cars should be postponed until a review of their impact is carried out. From 1 April, petrol stations must ensure that at least 2.5 per cent of fuel at their pumps is from biofuels – made from crops rather than oil – to bring them into line with an EU directive. He said it would be ‘totally insane’ if it turned out that biofuels, which are designed to cut harmful carbon emissions, actually led to an increase in carbon production.’ When does common sense ever stop libs? This is not about the environment. Biofuels are not about the environment. Ethanol is not about saving the environment. It’s not about stopping global warming. They just want you to think so, pure and simple.

Folks, you have to get a book. I mentioned this last week. Our official climatologist here, Roy W. Spencer, has written a book called Climate Confusion. I’m holding it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It’s How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians, and Misguided Policies That Hurt the Poor. Dr. Spencer, formerly of NASA, is now at the University of Alabama Huntsville. He’s got a great little picture here on the cover. It’s a picture of either the sun rising or setting over the Antarctic or Arctic, I’m not sure which, but it’s as cold as it can be — snow cover, ice everywhere — and the sign says ‘Danger: Global Warming Ahead.’ But it’s called Climate Confusion, and it’s written by a scientist for laypeople to be easily understood.


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