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RUSH: Mike in —

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, Mike, he’s calling from Ohio. Yes, Mike.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m from Ohio, and, you know, as far as I’m concerned, when I voted I didn’t have nobody to vote for. I mean, if you wanted to have a real primary, everybody that was running for president should have been on it. I get there and I get the choice of three people — you know, you got your one Republican or two great Democrat candidates? Jeez. I mean, I wouldn’t vote for either one of them. I’m going to change my —

RUSH: Wait a second. Mike, Mike, help me out, are you Democrat or Republican?

CALLER: I have been a registered Democrat ever since I could vote.

RUSH: Wait, and so your options were McCain, Obama, and Hillary, and you weren’t jazzed about either of them?

CALLER: I’m not jazzed with anyone. I mean, Obama, let’s forget about the reverend and stuff, just look at his policies. He’s going after CEOs, he don’t like CEOs making money, but yet these same CEOs that he’s going after are the same people that are ensuring that I get my pension check every month. I mean, the United States, all the people here, they voted against — they didn’t want illegal immigration, they didn’t want amnesty. When they were in Texas, he brings up the DREAM Act. He comes to Ohio, they don’t even talk about that. All they talk about is NAFTA. NAFTA this, NAFTA that. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t have a choice to vote for anybody.

RUSH: Yeah, well, they talk about NAFTA — I’ve got a whole stack of stuff here today, Mike, of the Democrats trying to destroy the US economy.

CALLER: Oh, it’s sad.

RUSH: Trying to depress people like you to vote for them.

CALLER: Oh, I’m becoming an independent.

RUSH: What do you not like about Hillary?

CALLER: Hillary is the same old stuff. I mean her policies and Obama ain’t much different.

RUSH: What about McCain?

CALLER: McCain, his stuff will bankrupt this country, too, with his environmental stuff.

RUSH: Wait a second. How in the world can you describe yourself as a Democrat here when you don’t like Obama and Hillary policies and you don’t like McCain’s —

CALLER: Because, Rush, believe it or not most Democrats are not stupid.

RUSH: I require proof.

CALLER: I’m not saying that you said we were stupid.

RUSH: Yeah. The anecdotal evidence on that claim will not work. I demand proof of the claim that most Democrats are not stupid.

CALLER: Well, if you talk to your normal people, your normal working class people, they go to work, they try to be there for 30 years or whatever, all they ask for is what they deserved. If you listen to some of the policies of Hillary and Obama, they’re going after big business. Well, hey, should a guy make a $30-million bonus every year? I don’t know, but if the stockholders are letting him have it, the American way, but these same people that they’re going after are the same guys that are trying to keep these businesses going, which ensured my pension.

RUSH: I’m going to have to amend something, because you are a little smarter than the average Democrat because you are immune, apparently, to what they’re actually trying to do. With all these anti-corporate messages in their campaigns, the Democrats are using class envy, they’re trying to make you hate big corporations, not just the CEOs but the entire corporation for keeping you poor, keeping you down, giving you no chance to advance while these people are paying themselves big bucks, when in fact the number one contributing party from Wall Street tycoons is Democrats. Most of Wall Street’s giving big money to Democrats. It may be a protection racket, but it still is the case. Well, congratulations. Don’t get too many calls from Democrats like this. I understand your dilemma. We got three possibilities out there, and he’s not jazzed by them. What are you going to do, Mike, when we get down to November, it’s going to be Hillary or Obama versus McCain. What are you going to do?

CALLER: I don’t know. I mean, there always is Ralph Nader, you know, as bad as — Rush, out of all the people that have been elected that are, you know, government, this is what we get — this is the cream of the crop? Come on! It’s almost like, okay, it’s your turn, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. You know, half of them don’t care. I mean, you know, they want socialized medicine which is just going to be a welfare state. Our country is turning into a welfare state.

RUSH: You know, you’re going to have to leave this party. You’re trashing your own party. You’re trashing everything they believe in here. It’s no wonder these people —

CALLER: They never used to believe in all this, back in the day.

RUSH: Well, they believed in this stuff long enough for you to have known about it and switched parties by now. You go back to the sixties and seventies, yeah. Wasn’t that long after JFK’s assassination they began this tilt to the left that has kept going on. But you said something here that’s very, very, very, very intriguing to me, Mike, and you just sort of slipped it in there, and it went by real fast so people might not have even heard it because I was speaking to you at the same time. You said there’s always Ralph Nader. Mike? That’s good thinking.

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