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RUSH: On Friday we made Operation Chaos merchandise available at the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com. You have two days to be among the first to order either a T-shirt or a cap or bumper sticker or a combination of the three, and have them shipped out by April 4th. The first shipment will go out on April 4th. Remember, we’ve had some trouble with past merchandise. It took sometimes a month to turn around a coffee mug once. By the time people got it, it was irrelevant. I was bound and determined that was not going to happen with this, so I got assurances from the manufacturer that we’re going to do quick turnaround on this stuff. So go to RushLimbaugh.com, it’s right at the top of the banner, Operation Chaos merchandise at the EIB Store. The T-shirts, all sizes, are 19.95. The caps 19.95. There’s two-pack bumper sticker for 6.95. You’ll get a combo of these, and you’ll see how it all works out. If you get your order in by Wednesday of this week, you will be among the first members of the Operation Chaos Street Team. The stuff will be shipped out in the first shipment on Friday, April 4th, which is not far away.

On this indictment, the possibility of your host being indicted for voter fraud in Ohio, you know, the entire set of principles of the Democrat Party crossed party lines, according to Obama and Hillary. They refused to be called ‘liberals.’ You know, if you’re supposed to sign a pledge to support the principles of Democrat Party, what the hell are they? Obama and Hillary refuse to be called liberals. They insist on being ‘unity’ candidates. They themselves have reached out to Democrats and non-Democrats to vote for them. Obama is running ads, or was last week in Pennsylvania urging Republicans to cross over, register, and vote. By the way, tomorrow is the last day to do this in Pennsylvania. If you’re a Republican and you want to vote for either Hillary or Obama to keep Operation Chaos alive in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22nd, you have to do this by tomorrow. You have to register to vote in the Democrat Party by tomorrow. But if I’m indicted, Obama has gotta be indicted, too, because he’s running ads urging people to do this. They both need to be indicted, because they’re both urging independents, moderates, Republicans to cross over and vote for them in these primaries.


RUSH: By the way, Kate Snow, ABC News, it’s not over. That’s the message out of the Clinton campaign a couple of days ago. On a conference call with reporters on Saturday, campaign aides responded to an article posted at Politico.com that states that Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning the nomination. She’s got a 10% chance, playing it on the up and up. The article also quotes an anonymous important Clinton advisor as saying privately, ‘Clinton has no more than a 10% chance of winning a race against Barack Obama.’ But the Clintons say, ‘Wait a minute, there are ten states yet to come. We got millions more Americans who are going to weigh in and express their preferences.’ Howard Wolfson is saying that. He said strong online fundraising was proof that Clinton supporters do not want this race to end. No, we don’t. Operation Chaos remains in full swing, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not over. This story says it and Robert Novak repeats it, the Clintons will do anything for this nomination, period, anything. This is something we at Operation Chaos have always known. We’ve discussed this. This is the only reason she’s been living for the last 20 years. This is why she put up with all of that stuff she had to put up with her husband. This is why she put up with the public humiliation. This is what it was all for, and just to accept the opinion of the voters? Some rookie black guy who even screwed it up bad with his minister, let this guy have it? Uh-uh. It’s not over.

Arthur in San Antonio, Texas, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos Rush. A fifteen-year loyal listener calling you from San Antone.

RUSH: Great to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to put your mind as ease as it pertains to the potential indictment that might come down against you and other Republican crossover voters who voted in the Democrat primary in Ohio and now potentially Texas. If the basis of the charges would be that the crossover voter has to attest that they’ll vote with Democrat values in the fall, then if they vote for John McCain, aren’t they still within the confines of the law?

RUSH: Well, you’re giving away some secrets, should we have to go to court here. But a very, very, very insightful deduction on your part.

CALLER: Sorry about that, Rush.

RUSH: How in the world — that’s okay. (laughing)

CALLER: It appears to me that you can vote for Obama, Clinton, or McCain and you’re pretty much voting within —

RUSH: Democrat Party principles.

CALLER: — Democrat, correct.

RUSH: Exactly right. (laughing) Arthur, you’re a very insightful man.

CALLER: Well, thank you, sir.

RUSH: You really are. I accept your apology. I don’t mind giving away our secrets. I’ll tell the other side our courtroom tactics, whatever they are, tell ’em everything, and we’ll still beat ’em, executing our tactics while they know what’s coming. That’s the strength of our case.


RUSH: Dale in Kent, Ohio, we go back to the phones. You’re next, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, dittos, Rush —

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: — from northeast Ohio. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Hey, just wanted to mention if you are indicted in Ohio, then Barack Obama should be as well. Because I have a door handle flier here that I picked up off the sidewalk near my friend’s apartment, which says right on it, ‘Republicans and independents can vote in the Democratic primary.’

RUSH: Now, wait a second.

CALLER: This is from the Obama campaign.

RUSH: No, I hear that. I didn’t know it was going on in Ohio. I knew that the Obama campaign was doing this in Pennsylvania. Are you telling me and this audience that you are holding in your hands a flier printed and distributed by the Obama campaign that was put on doorknobs of the homes of Republicans saying that they could vote in the Ohio primary for Obama?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, then if I am indicted, Obama’s going down with me.

CALLER: That’s right. Just don’t wear your Steelers jersey, because I think you might end up in worse shape if you do that.

RUSH: Yeah, outside the courtroom is what you mean, right?

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: I was only teasing about that.


RUSH: Dale, I appreciate that. I had no idea, ladies and gentlemen, that the Obama campaign was — (interruption) what is everybody staring at me for? Something wrong? If I had an Operation Chaos shirt, I will wear it. Oh, you mean at the trial? When I get indicted? Oh, yeah. I will wear my Operation Chaos shirt if I’m indicted. But, as I say, if I’m indicted, Obama’s going down with me, because this is news that we didn’t have. That’s how ridiculous this always is. By the way, we’re back to this. One more story from the Economic Stack, ladies and gentlemen. This is from Emily Fredrix, AP business writer: ‘After being laid off from her job as an events planner at an upscale resort, Jo Ann Bauer struggled financially. She worked at several lower-paying jobs, relocated to a new city and even declared bankruptcy. Then in December, she finally accepted her parents’ invitation to move into their home — at age 52. ‘I’m back living in the bedroom that I grew up in,’ she said. Taking shelter with parents isn’t uncommon for young people in their 20s, especially when the job market is poor. But now the slumping economy and the credit crunch are forcing some children –‘ at age 52, do you think of a 52-year-old as children? ‘– to do so later in life — even in middle age.

‘Financial planners report receiving many calls from parents seeking advice about taking in their grown children following divorces and layoffs. Kim Foss Erickson, a financial planner in Roseville, Calif., north of Sacramento, said she has never seen older children, even those in their 50s, depending so much on their parents as in the last six months. ‘This is not like, ‘OK, my son just graduated from college and needs to move back in’ type of thing,’ she said. ‘These are 40- and 50-year-old children of my clients that they’re helping out.’ Parents ‘jeopardize their financial freedom by continuing to subsidize their children,’ said Karin Maloney Stifler, a financial planner in Hudson, Ohio, and a board member of the Financial Planning Association. ‘We have a hard time saying no as a culture to our children, and they keep asking for more.” This is worse than I even thought. I knew that we still had Baby Boomers and people in their thirties living at home, but in their fifties now? What do their parents do for money? If you’re 52, and you’re moving in with your mom and dad, are they probably not retired?


RUSH: We have a couple of sound bites here on Operation Chaos and involving me. I’ve got a new policy on this. You know, in the past I’ve been starting off the program with Operation Chaos sound bites that mention me. I so seldom like to discuss myself and make myself the focus of the program. So I have moved those particular sound bites to the third hour, and we’re getting to them now. Fox News Channel’s Geraldo At Large on Saturday night, Jeanine Pirro filling in, and she introduced a segment about Operation Chaos this way.

PIRRO: There is word that some Pennsylvania Republicans are going so far as to switch their party registration by the 24th of March, to participate in what Rush Limbaugh has dubbed, quote: ‘Operation Chaos.’

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’m asking people to cross over and — if they can stomach it; I know it’s a difficult thing to do to vote for a Clinton. But it will sustain this soap opera, and it’s something I think we need. And it will be fun, too.

PIRRO: And in Ohio an investigation has been launched that could lead to criminal charges against those voters who maliciously switched parties for the purpose of voting in that March 4th primary.

RUSH: All right, so Jeanine Pirro then introduced her guest, Democrat strategist Bob Beckel, and Pirro said, ‘Look, isn’t the Democrat Party engaging in a self-destruct now in its primary longer and longer it goes? Isn’t it a mess that you’re in, Bob?’

BECKEL: It’s one of those great dreams that Republicans like to have about Democrats.

PIRRO: (chuckles)

BECKEL: The fact is at the same time the Democrats are having these — these battles, McCain is — is dropped off the front page. I do think there is a potential for erosion if Obama and Clinton continue to attack one another, and the fact is they don’t need to. The votes have settled in. The demographics have settled in. I can predict exactly what’s going to happen in these races coming up. They don’t need to go negative because it won’t move the dial one point either way.

RUSH: Beckel admits Operation Chaos could hurt the Democrats and he really wants ’em to not go negative and just stop all it is, because Beckel knows what’s going to happen. We all know what’s going to happen! We know that Obama is going to go to the convention that majority of delegates. We all know that these probably going to go to the convention with a majority of the popular vote. Clinton’s going to go to the convention with a majority of states that have big electoral numbers, and she’s going to go to the convention as a Clinton (along with her husband, who’s also a Clinton) which changes the dynamic tremendously in terms of going after the superdelegates. Then on Sunday, on the Fox News Channel, Election Headquarters, the anchorette Julie Banderas had this exchange with some radio hosts, Ellen Ratner and Mike Gallagher about Operation Chaos.

BANDERAS: In Texas, Rush Limbaugh called for Republican voters to go in and vote for Hillary. She won, but that may have been illegal, right?

RATNER: Well, it may have actually been illegal. In Texas you have to sign an oath of loyalty to the Democratic Party.

GALLAGHER: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

RATNER: So now if these people are real Republicans, did they break the law?

GALLAGHER: (laughing)

RATNER: I think that’s a valid question.

GALLAGHER: They were being loyal to the Democrats just that day.

RUSH: The conversation continued…


BANDERAS: Do you think that these Republican shock jocks, in a sense, are possibly, I don’t know, being anti-American? Because this —

GALLAGHER: Not at all.

BANDERAS: — needs to taken seriously.

RATNER: I actually think it’s anti-American.

GALLAGHER: No, I don’t know where it’s written down that you can’t vote for whoever you want to for whatever doggone reason you want.

RUSH: It is a freedom of speech issue, and signing a pledge of loyalty to a party? Whoever…? That would not hold up in court. I’ll tell you, if they indict me, that’s the first place we’re going, is this pledge, this loyalty oath to the principles of the Democrat Party. How the hell does anybody know what the principles of the Democratic Party are anyway from day to day? They change… Oh, I can’t wait! If they indict me, not only is Obama going down with me, but we’re going to attack this loyalty oath. (interruption) Well… Well, I know the communists did it, and Saddam did it. So that argues… (interruption) I know. If it’s good enough for the communists and it’s good enough for Saddam, it’s good enough for the Democrats. I know. But that’s still, you know, a bit of a stretch. We have to be very careful playing that card in court during the trial. PBS, Washington Week in Review, National Review correspondent is talking with John Harris of Politico, and the National Review correspondent says, ‘What about Rush Limbaugh? Conservative talk radio. What was their reaction to the Obama speech?’

HARRIS: Of course Rush Limbaugh and conservatives didn’t like it. To me, the question of whether the speech was a success or not — and we simply don’t know the answer, we will find out — is how did Joe Six-Pack react to it, not Rush Limbaugh, but white — uh, in particular white, uh, lower and lower middle class Democrats, uh, ethnic voters. Um, it’s not clear that they had the same swooning reaction to the speech, uh, that a lot of commentators did.

RUSH: They never do.

HARRIS: Uh, my colleague at Politico went into ethnic Democratic, uh, neighborhoods in Philadelphia afterwards. She found out lots of people knew about the speech. They knew about the Reverend Wright controversy. They were much more concerned about Reverend Wright’s remarks than they were, uh, how Obama tried to explain them away.

RUSH: Do you want me to translate that? We don’t have time. Basically what John Harris was saying, ladies and gentlemen, was that it doesn’t matter what you think or what I think — especially what I think. It matters what poor beer drinkers think. They generally don’t swoon like the commentators swoon over political things, which is true. Friday morning on Morning Joe, MSNBC, Chris Matthews said this about Obama’s speech on race.

MATTHEWS: I loved the speech by Barack Obama. I — I get emotional when I watch these — I mean, he gets to me. I think his statement as an American is extraordinary, it’s powerful, and it’s so necessary, and I — I do think it’s a Rorschach test for Americans. It’s not a race test. It’s a test about sensibility. And some of us are amazingly, um, um, taken by that kind of message, and others are not. It’s just — it’s in our, uh, DNA, I suppose. Some people are cold to it. They don’t like it. People like Rush Limbaugh, people I get along with but they just have a different sensibility. They have a different reaction to, uh, Barack Obama than — than I do. I just do.

RUSH: We’re conservatives, and we’re into substance, and you liberals are into feel-good emotions and assuaging guilt. It is. It’s in the DNA, which is why I, ladies and gentlemen, am in favor of conservatives breeding with liberals. The mother must be the liberal. The conservative male DNA will dominate the kid.

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