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Rush’s Morning Update: Drive-By Anniversary
March 21, 2008

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This week, of course, marked the fifth anniversary of American-led forces taking out one of the world’s most heinous dictators — Saddam Hussein. And the beginning of our engaging the Islamofacist terror group Al-Qaeda, severely weakening their ability to wage war on Western civilization.

The unaccountable American Drive-By Media marked the occasion fullyas expected. News stories detail US losses– 4,000 dead. Now, every American death is a heartbreak, but that number is fewer than any major multi-theatre war we’ve fought since our birth. The Drive-Bys also presented stories of other “victims” of the war, among them college students so stressed out that they are paralyzed in their daily lives; they’reunable to go to classor do laundry. So depressed they must seek psychological help to survive… on campus!

There are also “victims” in Greenville, California: residents who oppose a proposed group home for wounded soldiersbecause “deranged veterans” will live near them. They’re also concerned that trees would have to be cutfor these housing units.

And, there’s the kooks– fewer in number now– still holding protests and chanting “no blood for oil” as they tie up traffic and make total asses of themselves.

But the Drive-Bys somehow missed the stories of our heroes. The brave members of the American military who’ve answered the call of their country– who protect us from those who’ve murdered thousands of our fellow citizens– and still threaten our way of life. Also forgotten: the huge “Thank You” they so richly deserve. We are happy to offer it.

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