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RUSH: Mary in Antioch, California, glad to have you with us.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Liberal socialist dittos from the financially sinking state of Mexifornia.

RUSH: Oh, jeez. (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Nice to have you here, Mary.

CALLER: Thank you. I’m so glad to talk to you. You know, I posed this scenario to Bo, and he acted like I was stupid. I hope you don’t think this is a stupid idea.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, just a moment.


RUSH: I’m going to put you on hold for a second.


RUSH: Don’t go away, okay? Just going to put you on hold. (talking to Snerdley) Did you tell a caller, did you actually tell this woman she was stupid? Did you make her feel stupid? Don’t give me this, you don’t know. You know exactly what you did. (interruption) You asked her if she was for real? You’re in essence asking her if she’s a kook? Yes. Bring Mary back. Mary, it’s not that I didn’t believe you. I had to ask this myself. I am terribly sorry Snerdley insulted your intelligence and made you feel like you’re a kook.

CALLER: Well, he made me feel like maybe my scenario wasn’t so smart after all.

RUSH: What did you tell him?

CALLER: Okay, my scenario is the classical conclusion of your ultimate chaos.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: What would happen if the city fathers of Denver got cold feet and they got scared that maybe if there was enough social unrest caused by this convention that their city might go up in smoke, would they try to back out?

RUSH: I think that’s a brilliant question!

CALLER: Okay, thank you.

RUSH: I love the way people think. I think you’re very forward thinking. It would never happen.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, it would be hilarious, though, if it did, and then they’d be scurrying around like little liberal bunnies–

RUSH: I’ll tell you why it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen because they’re not going to throw away the money, and even if the Democrats come in and have a couple riots and torch things, there are repair costs for that. It’s a win-win for the city of Denver, however they look at it.


RUSH: Well, back to Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen. The liberals just want it over. ‘Why doesn’t the Democrat Party…?’ This is AP from Nashville, Pennsylvania. ‘Why doesn’t the Democratic Party hold a presidential primary among its superdelegates to reach a quick decision between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton? Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen proposed the idea Wednesday, saying Democrats will suffer in November if the nominee isn’t decided until the party’s August convention. But that is about as far as the idea will go. Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, does not endorse the idea of a superdelegate primary, said spokes[babe] Stacie Paxton. … Bredesen, who first proposed the idea in an opinion piece in Wednesday’s editions of The New York Times, acknowledged that the superdelegate primary doesn’t have a chance of becoming a reality if it is not run by the DNC. He said he has spoken with Clinton, who ‘certainly wasn’t repelled by the idea.’ He said he also planned to speak with Obama.’

This is cool! Do you understand, folks, what this means, when you’ve got the governor of Tennessee writing on the op-ed pages of the New York Times to just end all this and do a superdelegate primary right now? That is all about ending Operation Chaos! And, of course, there would be hell to pay if that happened! So it’s not going to happen. ‘Worsening Polls Reveal Obama’s Pastor Problem — Democrat Barack Obama suffered in the polls [today] after [his] speech on race… Waging an acrimonious battle against Hillary … Obama confessed to being bruised by the controversy surrounding his longtime Chicago preacher, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.’ Obama said… We got the audio of this coming up. In fact, play number ten. This is exactly what Obama said last night on CNN. Anderson Cooper said, ‘How badly do you think this has damaged you, how much has it hurt?’

OBAMA: In some ways this, uh — this controversy has actually shaken me up a little bit and gotten me back into, uh, remembering that, uh —

RUSH: Get this now. Get this. Get this.

OBAMA: — (stammering) the odds of me getting elected have always been, uh, lower than, uh — than some of the other conventional candidates, and if I bring something to this conversation, it’s going to be because I do what I did yesterday, which is hopefully open up a new conversation about a new direction of the country.

RUSH: I’m beginning to think that we might be looking at the first stages of the slice of bread in the toaster. Pfft! People are hitting the lever. He’s not quite toast yet. But do you realize what he just said? He just lowered expectations here by about half the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. Let me translate this for you. He said, ‘I have been shocked into remembering I didn’t stand a prayer anyway because I’m black. You know, my odds of getting elected have always been lower than some of the other conventional candidates, and if I bring something…’ So he tried to get by with transcending race. He was forced into making this speech. Now he’s the candidate of race. This is a sympathy play; this is a victim play. Obama is now asking us to look at him as a victim. (interruption) I know Hilary cried and now it’s his turn. But Hillary, she did more than cry. She’s run the gamut. You’re right, though. Hillary has had it. She’s been allowed to play the victim card all over the place. Operation Chaos! From the Boston Globe today: ‘Clinton Camp Argues Obama is Falling — While not specifically mentioning the contretemps involving Barack Obama’s former pastor, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is already pressing the case that the polls are showing its impact and raising questions about what it will do to Obama’s electability in November.’ Mark Penn, her chief strategerist, ‘issued a memo this morning that argues that polls are starting to show a shift her way.’ Now the Clinton camp is saying, ‘Okay, we got the momentum! To hell with the delegate count, we got the momentum. Obama is plummeting and even if you give him the nomination, you’re not going to be able to reverse the momentum and we’re going to give it to McCain.’ Operation Chaos. Let’s go to the audio sound bites, yesterday in Detroit, a union event, Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY: Here in Michigan, 600,000 people turned out on a cold and snowy day in January to cast your votes, and you made it abundantly clear, that you wanted your voices to be heard and your votes to be counted. (applause) And in Florida, 1.7 million people did exactly the same. Now, these nearly two and a half million Americans are in danger of being shut out of our democratic process. I think that’s wrong, and, frankly, it is un-American, and we cannot let that continue. (applause)

RUSH: Stick with me on this. One more sound bite here, again from the same union event, Hillary Clinton.

HILLARY: Ignoring Michigan and Florida would be a grave mistake. We won’t be able to end the war in Iraq. We won’t achieve universal health care.

RUSH: What?

HILLARY: We won’t end the housing crisis and get the economy moving again —


HILLARY: — unless we win in Michigan and Florida in November.

RUSH: Who is it that destroyed the Michigan economy? We got a one-state recession in this country, and it’s run by Democrats! Jeb Bush is sitting around, and he’s amused by all this in Florida. But now, let’s go back to October 11th, last year (2007 for those of you in Rio Linda). This is on New Hampshire Public Radio. The guest, Senator Hillary Clinton. The New Hampshire Public Radio hostette Laura Knoy says, ‘So, if you value the DNC calendar, why not just pull out of Michigan? Why not just say, ‘Hey, Michigan, I’m off the ballot.’

HILLARY OCTOBER 2007: It’s like clear this election they’re having is not going to count for anything.

RUSH: Hillary Clinton last year: The election in Michigan ‘is not going to count for anything.’ She knew it wasn’t going to count, and they didn’t care it wasn’t going to count for anything because she was going to be coronated after Super Tuesday. Operation Chaos!

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