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Rush’s Morning Update: Open Secrets?
March 20, 2008

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For years, folks,the Drive-Bys have been infuriated by the Bush Administration’s insistence on keeping top-secret information… top-secret. Especially after 9/11. So at the National Press Club this week, Tom Curley,AP president and CEO,told his Drive-By Media buddies thatthey oughtto take advantage of this election cycle and askpresidential candidates [about] government secrecy — grill them about it.

Hetold his colleagues to ask candidates at every opportunityif they would “appoint an attorney general willing to follow the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law that protects the people’s right to know what their government is doing.” He warned that “secrecy is one of the handiest tools for government that wants to be accountable only to itself, regardless of the spirit of any law.”

Mr. Curley, you’re making this too easy for me. With respect, here,how about you? Your industry– the only one protected by the Constitution– you hide behind secrecy!The public isn’t told what Drive-By journalists’ agendas are, [or] what their personal connections are to the politicians they cover. Or are married to. Or are intimate with. The public isn’t informed what gets left on the editing room floors; we know there’s a plethora of stories you guys never touch– legitimate news that stays within the confines of the “news media.”

Mr. Curley, let me suggest to you: secrecy is one of the handiest tools for the Drive-By Media, which wants to be accountable only to itself– regardless of the spirit of any law. Eh, buddy? Anything to say to that?

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