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RUSH: Marianne Williamson, as you know, a noted author. This happened this week. This is about the Geraldine Ferraro thing. I mean, the chaos that we are causing, it’s spanning all known boundaries. It is exceeding all objectives. Wait ’til you hear this. Marianne Williamson, who is a noted female authorette, who does things helping women become women and better women and get in touch with their female femaleness, whatever — I really don’t know how to describe what she does. Do you know who she is, Dawn? She’s a white Oprah in book form, in a way. She was on Retirement Living TV’s Daily Cafe, which is some obscure cable channel, and the host, Felicia Taylor, said, ‘As a feminist, people have criticized you because you’ve said you’re going to vote for Obama, not Hillary Clinton. How do you respond to that?’

WILLIAMSON: First of all, I’m not going to vote with my vagina. That’s first of all. A lot of the things that I think of as real feminist values, to be honest, I see more in the policy positions of Barack Obama than I see in the policy positions of Hillary Clinton. You know, our generation, Baby Boomers and older, we remember a time when in order — we thought it was a kind of mistake of that wave of feminism in the seventies, in order to show that we were liberated, we almost suppressed our own feminine and we became more masculine. To me, I don’t look at a female candidate who’s taking on this kind of hard stance to show she’s powerful. To me, the new feminist vision is to be genuinely feminine in how we show up as women with no apology.

RUSH: All right, so she’s not going to vote with her vagina. (interruption) Yes, Mr. Snerdley? The program observer has a question. Yes, what is it? I think it does — well, but she says that when she’s not going to vote with her vagina, you could assume, yes, that women who are voting for Hillary are voting with their vaginas, which would make Bill Clinton happy, regardless how the vote comes out. If you got that many women voting with their vaginas, Clinton is going to be satisfied regardless. But she’s right about one thing here. A huge See, I Told You So. Feminism took away femininity, made ’em competitive. ‘I can open the door myself!’ I can remember back in the seventies complimenting a woman’s appearance. ‘Oh, you’re insulting my brain,’ she would say. ‘You’re objectifying me. Is that all you see is how I look?’ This is what they have been taught. For the longest time I was afraid, when I saw a woman whose appearance I wanted to compliment, I’d apologize and say, ‘Please, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but –‘ I think I did that for 20 years. That decade had a profound effect on so many people, it was unreal. I think some people are still confused and screwed up by it.

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