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Rush’s Morning Update: Audacity!
March 19, 2008

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I’m going to bypass the crafty, racially tinged and wrongheaded attack leveled on “talk radio” by Barack Obama in his big race speech yesterday –the speech that was necessitated by his own association with Reverend Wright, his mentor and former pastor.

Instead, folks,I want to comment on a few other items Senator Obama spoke about. He was right when he recounted the sorry state of American skrools, particularly in “urban neighborhoods.” Not only are far too many dilapidated, but the very spirit of education– the thirst and appreciation for acquiring knowledge, and the goal of meeting the highest expectations– has been eviscerated. He was also 100 percent right when he talked about the need for Americans to take individual responsibility for their own destiny. And it was good to hear Barack Obama recall President Lincoln’s charge to America: to create a more “perfect” union.

Now, all that said, here’s what Mr. Obama didn’t do– because it is impossible. He didn’t explain how to bridge the gap between America’s promises and an America as defined by Democrats as a racially pocked soup line. That’s because it’s impossible to fix anything by continuing the very policies that gave us failing schools, gave us crime-ridden neighborhoods, and exploding health care costs in the first place.

The hopelessness and despair that Mr. Obama cites– which exist in far too many hearts in our great country– are born from the very policies that both Barack Obama and HillaryClinton represent… which is the “audacity” of liberalism.

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