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RUSH: We go to Brooklyn. This is Renee. You’re up first today. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: I’ve been a long-time listener and a first-time caller.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m an African-American who’s had it up to here with the liberal philosophy of, you know, honoring skin color diversity. For the past years, Barack Obama has been celebrated by the liberal media. You know, primarily because of his racial makeup. Neither he nor Hillary, in my opinion, are qualified to run the country. You know, they’re merely symbols revered by the liberal establishment. We have equally talented minority conservatives like Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele, who I haven’t seen being lauded by the media. You know, they’ve accomplished so much. But this minister, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a sign of divine intervention. I really believe that the public is probably going to get a sign now to see Barack Obama for who he really is. There’s no excuses he can make now.

RUSH: Well, you say all that. I guess what you’re getting at is that if this is divine intervention, it means it’s coming in time for Obama perhaps to not get the Democrat Party nomination?

CALLER: Right. Because I don’t think he’s qualified. As I said before he’s —

RUSH: Well, neither of them are qualified. There wasn’t one Democrat running that’s qualified.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But, look, he picked up more delegates over the weekend. They redid the Hawkeye Cauci. He picked up more delegates.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: What was it, seven or 17? Nine? Nine delegates over the weekend. His delegate lead is expanding. He’s got some in California? Look, there’s nothing he can do, there’s nothing they can do to stop him. But it’s gonna come down to this: neither Obama nor Hillary can win enough pledged delegates throughout the primary season. It’s going to come down to superdelegates, and more of those are said to be leaving Hillary and choosing Obama. Then you have Nancy Pelosi. We’ve got the audio coming up. The Queen Bee is showing her stinger out there, and her stinger is aimed right at the backside of Mrs. Clinton; because the Queen Bee, Nancy Pelosi, said, ‘It would be damaging to the Democrat Party for its leaders to buck the will of national convention delegates picked in primaries and caucuses.’ We’ll have the audio in the next hour. ‘If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what’s happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the party.’ This was taped on Friday, broadcast on Stephanopoulos’ show on Sunday. It says here at AP that Pelosi’s comments ‘could influence other House Democrats who were neutral in the presidential race and will attend the convention as superdelegates.’

Then you’ve got Sharpton. The Reverend Sharpton has been granted permission by Reverend J. Wright to open a Chicago office of the National Action Network. I don’t know if Barack knows this yet. But Al Sharpton is going to go in. If they take this away, Renee, from Obama because of this or anything else, I’m telling you: We would love it. There would be riots, fires, protest marches — and that’s where it’s headed. Why is Hillary hanging in? Let’s go back. What was it? I guess a month now, maybe longer, and everybody, Bob Novak — all these princes of punditry — were asking, ‘Who’s going to tell Hillary it’s over? Who’s going to have the guts to tell Hillary to get out of there? Who’s going to have the guts to tell Hillary she can’t win? Who’s going to have the guts to tell Bill to tell Hillary?’ Well, it’s obvious why she’s hanging in, don’t you think? (interruption) Well, she’s hanging in because we kept her alive, even though she’ll never thank me. But she’s hanging in hoping that something like this will happen. She knows this guy has never been tested with this kind of a crisis. She’s hoping and praying for a massive screw-up that will take Obama out of it, maybe a screw-up that she can cause.


RUSH: You see where last Friday Barack Obama revealed that this Rezko guy played a bigger fundraising role in Obama’s life? A whole lot bigger. But nobody’s talking about it, right. Because of Reverend Wright, nobody’s talking about it. Plus, he released it on a Friday.

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