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Rush’s Morning Update: The Finger
March 17, 2008

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Last week, your Democrat Congress decided you aren’t paying your fair share of taxes, folks. So, Democrats voted to allow President Bush’s tax cuts to expire. Over the next few years, you’ll be required to turn over to Democrats an additional $683 billion of your income. If Democrats win in November, that number will balloon, when vast new entitlements, like socialized medicine, are introduced, and existing entitlements are vastly expanded.

Contrary to what Democrats say, that they want to sock it to the rich, the tax increases will affect those with incomes as low as $30,000 a year. That’s not all. On top of voting for record-breaking tax increases, Democrats voted against limiting their earmarks. So, their own pork-barrel spending will continue unabated.

While raising your taxes, and giving themselves free reign to spend more of your money, House Democrats continue their quest to make it easier for terrorists to avoid detection. They will not let an intelligence bill pass without a provision permitting American telecommunication companies to be sued for allowing wiretaps on terrorists.

And this. A new study from the Center from Responsive Politics found the median net worth of US senators is about two million dollars; House members over $600 grand. Reuters headline: “Get Elected to Congress and Get Rich.”

So, let me sum it up for you, folks. You’re all screwed. I’m screwed with you. Democrats have given you the finger again. And it’s not the flying finger of friendship, make no mistake.

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