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RUSH: Last week, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Congress decided that you are not paying your fair share of taxes. You know, Bush submitted his budget, $3 trillion, and of course the Democrats have their own version, and it will happen in Congress. The Democrats have put together their own budget, and they have decided that you are not paying your fair share of taxes. So they voted to allow most of President Bush’s tax cuts to expire. Over the next few years, you are going to be required to turn over to Democrats an additional $683 billion of your income. Well, by the way, the president made a speech today at the Economic Club of New York. That’s a couple sound bites I want to play. Get those ready. Sound bites 25 and 26. The president started talking about the stimulus checks, and he said he has been assured by the Treasury Secretary those checks will be in the mail the second week of May. Well, guess what? You’re going to get that check — Snerdley and I aren’t, Rachel isn’t, Brian makes way too much money to get a check — we’re not going to get a stimulus check, but you people who get stimulus checks, you’re just going to be sending ’em right back with the Democrats’ tax increase. You won’t have to send it back the next day, but while they’re giving you this little pittance, they’re going to raise your taxes, and you’re going to be sending it back.

In addition to all that, over the next few years, in addition to the $683 billion — and it’s only going to be higher than that that the Democrats are talking about raising taxes — if they win in November, that number, $683 billion, will balloon, if they get their hands on the federal government with as big enough majority, we get socialized medicine, a bunch of new entitlements if they’re introduced, existing entitlements will be vastly expanded. Contrary to what the Democrats say, that they wanted to sock it to the rich, the tax increases are going to affect those with incomes as low as $30,000 a year. That’s what’s been going on in Congress this week while we’ve been focusing on the presidential race and the Democrat Party chaos.

By the way, that’s not all. On top of voting for record-breaking tax increases, the Democrats voted against limiting their earmarks. Now, all three presidential candidates voted to end them, but McCain was leading the effort in the House. He didn’t even get a majority of Republicans to go along with him. What was the vote in there, 72-29, something like that? This earmark business, McCain was leading the cause and leading the charge in the Senate, and he was on the losing side of 72-29. So their own pork barrel spending will continue unabated. A lot of Republicans voted for this, too. Learn it, love it, live it. So while raising your taxes and giving themselves free rein to spend more of your money, earmarks and pork, House Democrats continue their quest to make it easier for terrorists to avoid detection.

Now, the Democrats just passed a version of the FISA bill in the House, but it does not contain immunity for the telecoms who have furnished call lists and so forth to the government so they can track terrorists. A lot of Democrats think that Bush’s spy program is what nailed Spitzer. They do! They really do. So you may be thinking, ‘Rush, I don’t understand. Terrorists do attack us. Why would Democrats not want to capture the terrorists? Why would they not want to listen in to terrorists to find out why and how they’re going to attack us, and when?’ My friends, I’m glad you asked. More important to the Democrats is servicing a huge constituency, and that would be the plaintiff’s bar — for those of you in Rio Linda, the trial lawyers. By removing immunity from the telecommunications companies, they are open for lawsuits galore, class-action, you name it. The trial lawyers are salivating. They are just licking their chops over this, if this stands. This has been the breaking point of the bill. This has been one of the crucial elements of the bill that has kept it from being passed and sent to the president. They want immunity for the telecoms, past and future, in order for the FISA program to work, and the Democrats said nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, no immunity. We want to be able to sue ’em so our trial lawyers can get rich and can send us campaign contributions.

Then there’s this. ‘A new study from the Center for Responsive Politics found that the median net worth of US Senators is around $2 million.’ House members, median, now, net worth is over $600,000. The Reuters headline is this: ‘Get Elected to Congress and Get Rich.’ It is the case. It really is the case. Some of these people show up, what are their salaries, 140, something like that? They all end up getting wealthy. Some of the Senators arrive wealthy. I mean, our House of Lords. So let me sum up what your Democrat Congress has been up to this week while we have been chronicling the chaos in the Democrat presidential candidacies. We have been screwed. Me, too. I live here. We have all been screwed. Democrats have once again flipped us the bird, and it’s not the flying finger of friendship that they’re flipping us out there, folks.

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