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RUSH: Anderson Cooper, host of Anderson Cooper 180 on CNN — just distressed as hell, terribly upset that this Jeremiah Wright story is even out there — had this exchange with Gloria Borger.

COOPER: It’s also frustrating just from a news standpoint because on the one hand people talking about it, it’s clearly an issue that’s bubbling up on the campaign trail so we end up covering it.


COOPER: At the same time it does feel just completely off track and — and there have been other issues in this campaign which have just felt completely off track from — from the real differences between these candidates, the real issues. It — it’s frustrating that yet again that we seem to be mired in this politics as usual.

BORGER: Right, but presidential candidates are —

COOPER: And — and — that’s why —

BORGER: They’re about character also.

COOPER: Right.

BORGER: They’re about issues, and they’re about who these people are, which is why sometimes they do tend to veer off.

RUSH: Who tends to veer off? What was she saying? I don’t know what she was saying. All I know is that Anderson Cooper is just depressed to have to be talking about this, ‘Yeah, it’s bubbled up in the campaign. Why do we have to talk about this?’ So it’s interesting to see what news judgment is up there in the Drive-Bys. You know, if you were the New York Times or if you were CNN, you might hold this until three days before the election if it were about a Republican. That’s generally the way they play it. I wonder, did Anderson Cooper complain about all of the last-minute stories on George W. Bush and the National Guard? When was the last news story CNN carried that Anderson Cooper was distressed having to discuss? How about 1992, CNN, when Gary Sick, Columbia professor comes out with the book on October Surprise; Bush 41 was involved with holding the hostages in Iran! The New York Times, the night before or the weekend before the election, we got the story about Bush and the DWI. When’s the last time any of these people in the Drive-By Media got all upset about the news they had to report? Were you upset about having to talking about Mark Foley? Were you upset about having to talk about Macaca all season long, Anderson?

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