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“Here is the question for you, Senator Obama. Why did you join this church? And why did you stay with this church for 20 years?”

“Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said she’s ‘saddened’ by the fall of Eliot Spitzer. That’s it. She’s ‘saddened.’ Hillary, you are the standard-bearer for emancipated, liberated women.”

“The fact of the matter is Barack Obama is simply leading a double life. He has this public life as an agent of change, but he’s an old-time political hack from an old-time political hack town — Chicago.”

“This same preacher of Obama’s, Jeremiah Wright, went to visit Moammar Khadafy in the ’80s and has given an award to Calypso Louie. Obama knows all this, yet plays the role of offended centrist Democrat when Ferraro says what she says.”

“It’s time for people to find out that the real racism and sexism lives in the Democrat Party. There’s no such thing as unity in the Democrat Party. They are a disparate coalition of different groups that have two unifying precincts: high taxes and Big Government.”

“Obama, now that Senator Clinton has apologized for Geraldine Ferraro’s remarks about you, will you apologize for your pastor’s statements about whites? Will you apologize for your pastor suggesting we got what we deserved on 9/11?”

“If these liberals really meant all of this stuff about affirmative action, Hillary and Edwards would have never gone in — they’d be carrying Obama around on a throne to see to it that he was elected president.”

“Here in Palm Beach County we’re going to have two names on the ballot: Obama and Hillary. How many Democrats in Palm Beach County will vote for Pat Buchanan this time?”

“We have not gotten honesty from Obama. He has not been honest about his church.He has not been honest about his pastor and his commitment over 20 years to both. He’s been deceptive, he’s been nonresponsive, and he’s been diverted on the few occasions he has been asked about it.”

“This political correctness stuff — I’m about ready to just throw it overboard. And whatever consequences I suffer, I’m going to suffer ’em.”

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