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RUSH: It’s time for a Nancy Pelosi update. (buzzing bees) Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut!

(playing of Nancy Pelosi update instrumental theme song)

RUSH: Do you know what the Queen Bee Syndrome is? There will not be two women sharing power. One of the women will see to it, that the other woman is under the bus. So Nancy Pelosi today, holding her weekly press conference, was asked about the concept of a ‘dream ticket’ for the Democrat Party. Hillary and Obama, or Obama and Hillary. (end theme song) The Queen Bee in Washington, Nancy Pelosi, threw ‘cold water’ on this whole idea. She said, ‘Take it from me — that won’t be the ticket.’ A bunch of reporters then shouted, ‘Why?’ Pelosi declined to elaborate. ‘Do you want me to go through a lifetime of political gut?’ said Pelosi… ‘I do think we’ll have a dream team — it just won’t be those two names,” meaning, if Nancy Pelosi has anything to say about it, Hillary Clinton will not be anywhere near the Democrat nomination. She will not be on that ticket. She’s not talking about Obama, here. She’s talking about Hillary. The last thing Pelosi wants… Chaos, chaos, chaos! The last thing she wants is Hillary Clinton in the White House. That will render her unnoticeable as speaker of the House. Neutered, if you will. Spayed. So what will happen here (laughter) is that Pelosi, who already holds her seat, is going to do whatever she has to, to see to it that Hillary does not get hers. I mean, it’s fine if she stays over there in the Senate, and even better if she goes back to the Senate as a loser.

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