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RUSH: Geraldine Ferraro also not backing down, despite onslaughts from across the political spec — Well, I think the Republicans are staying quiet on this for the most part. This is another example of the chaos that has been created out there, ladies and gentlemen, by us, you and I working together to create chaos, Operation Chaos. It’s even been in the Huffington Post today. It’s been acknowledged. The Limbaugh Effect is working and will continue to work throughout the rest of these primaries and the Democrat campaign season. Here’s the Ferraro comment, last Friday in an interview with the Torrance, California, Daily Breeze. This is the comment that got it all started.

FERRARO: If Barack Obama were a white man, would we be talking about this as a potential real problem for — for Hillary? If he were a woman of any color, would he be in this position that he’s in? Absolutely not.

RUSH: All right. So essentially what Geraldine Ferraro is saying is that if he were white, he wouldn’t even be in this race. If he were white… She said the only thing he does well is give a speech. So you turn it around and what she’s saying is: He’s only there because he’s black. The Democrats’ Uncivil War. They’re the ones introduced race into this campaign; they’re the ones introduced gender. And this is a Clinton campaign surrogate spokesman. This is exactly… We knew this was going to happen. The Clintons aren’t going to say this stuff themselves. David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategerist, had this reaction.

AXELROD: There’s been this insidious pattern on the part of the Clinton campaign to allow negative, really negative and out-of-bounds comments to be made and to simply gloss over them and to kind of give a wink and a nod.

RUSH: Yeah, David, way to go! The Clintons, this is your party. Back in the nineties, nobody cared when the Clintons were doing stuff like this to us. Nooooo. Back then it was marveled at, it was appreciated, salivated over. But now that the Clintons have turned their tactics and techniques on fellow Democrats, why, (gasp!) Shock, outrage, can’t believe this, and they’re stunned that the Clintons get away with it. You idiots! Had you been paying any attention to the nineties, you should have figured this was going to happen in this, first time anybody came along and interrupted their coronation they’re going to be swept out of the way. Now you guys are leading… Axelrod, listen to me now. Look to me. You guys got the lead in the popular vote; you got the lead in the delegates, in the pledged delegates and so forth; you got the lead in a number of states and the Clintons are saying, ‘That qualifies you to be vice president,’ and everybody is sitting around just laughing. Hoo hoo hoo hoo. So are we, by the way. It’s the Clintons. Here’s Hillary, by the way, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, weighing in.

HILLARY: Weeeell, I don’t agree with that. And I think it’s important that, you know, we try to stay focused on the issues that matter to the American people —

RUSH: Yeah.

HILLARY: — and both of us have had supporters and staff members who have gone over the line, and we have to rein them in and try to keep this, you know, on the issues.

RUSH: Yeah, there’s no reining in of Geraldine Ferraro. That’s the difference. There hasn’t been any reining in of Geraldine Ferraro. ‘Weeeeeell,’ it’s really no big deal. Let me translate that last bite. ‘This is no big deal. Grow up, Obama. This is the big leagues. Stop whining! Who do you think you’re in the ring with?’ All right, now this morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer talked to Senator Obama. Matt Lauer said, ‘I just got off the phone with Geraldine Ferraro, and she’s somewhat shocked by the fact that she’s being taken to task for these comments. She feels she’s simply stating the obvious. I guess the question for you, Obama, is do you think this is a racist comment? Was it a sexist comment? And has she done damage to the Democrat Party at this stage in the race?’

OBAMA: I just think that [if] somebody in my campaign suggested that Senator Clinton was only where she is because she was a woman, I think people would take great offense, and rightly so, because she’s a very accomplished person who is running a terrific and tenacious race, and I just don’t think that that kind of approach to evaluating candidates or denigrating candidates, is particularly useful to the Democratic Party.

RUSH: Exactly right, but we are happy to have caused it here, and we are going to keep piling on with this. But, look, Obama. Since you won’t say it, I will. I’ve said it before. Hillary Clinton’s the most cheated on woman in the world! You understand the scope of this? Folks, she’s the most cheated on woman in the world. (interruption) Until today. (laughs) Yes, I forgot Spitzer. You’re right. Hillary Clinton is the second most cheated on woman in the world, and the fact that she is a female whose last name is Clinton is the only reason that she is considered presidential material, pure and simple. She’s got no record just like Obama has no record, to recommend this kind of promotion. It’s simply her turn. She’s eaten all those excrement sandwiches for the last 20 years propping Bill up. This is her payback. The Democrat Party and everybody else knows it. You ought to say that, Obama, for crying out loud! McCain will get mad at you but what the hell, he’s your opponent anyway! He ought to be angry. (interruption) Yeah, I know Matthews said it, and he had to apologize. Well, that’s because, that’s because PMSNBC is DNCTV. I mean, the Clintons get people suspended over on that network. So Matthews had to wear the protective cup out there underneath the suit slacks, go out there and apologize with the legs crossed. Here Ferraro back in action last night on Fox News Channel’s Election Headquarters, Martha MacCallum (big McCain babe, by the way) interviewed Ferraro and said, ‘You’re getting a lot of heat for this comment. You want to put it in context for us?’

FERRARO: I’m sorry that people thought it was racist, but part of the problem is — and I’m a person, really, who has fought discrimination for 40 years. So I am absolutely offended by the e-mails, the phone calls, and all the threats that I’ve been getting, which is really terrible and it’s come out of — out of the Obama campaign. David Axelrod, who knows me better… In 1984, if my name were Gerard Ferraro, instead of Geraldine Ferraro, I would never have been the nominee for vice president.

RUSH: That’s right. That’s right.

FERRARO: What I find that’s offensive, is that every time somebody says something about the campaign, you’re accused of being racist.

RUSH: Yeah? Well, join the club. Join the club, Gerard — uh, Geraldine. Sorry. You are exactly right. Join the club. Then MacCallum, Martha said — by the way, I like Martha. Don’t misunderstand anything here. What’s the campaign saying? Because she did distance herself a bit from this comment today on the campaign trail.

FERRARO: She can’t ‘rein me in.’ I don’t run by anybody anything that they want to say or not say. I am a supporter. I will continue… If it makes David happy, I would get off the — but I’m telling David that I will raise money for Hillary, and if Barack Obama is the candidate, he shouldn’t really antagonize people like me because he’s going to come and ask me to raise money for Barack Obama — and I would do it for him, too, if he stops doing this kind of horrendous attacks.

RUSH: Don’t you love this? Let me tell you something. A lot of people — we’ve got a guy on the phone, I don’t have time to take the call, we’ll do it in the next hour — are saying that Ferraro is having happen to her what happened to me with ESPN and McNabb. The two are totally different, folks. What Ferraro said about Obama is not even close to the comments I made on ESPN. Now, I appreciate people wanting to sympathize, but there is a huge, huge difference here.


RUSH: What did Geraldine Ferraro actually say? She said that he’s only there because he’s a black guy. She said if he were a white man, he wouldn’t even be in the presidential race. So she’s essentially saying that he’s unqualified and black, right? Now, let me ask you people a question. Who gave us this concept? Unqualified and black, pfft!, shooting to the top? Who gave us this concept? I am rubbing my hands together in glee here. It was liberals who demanded this. Of course, Nixon signed it, trying to make all liberals love him. It was the same thing with the EPA, same thing with OSHA. Don’t get me started on Nixon on that. Liberals gave us affirmative action. They gave us the concept of quotas, and they gave us the concept that it will never end, that we will never be able to make amends for what kind of discrimination and transgressions in the past that may have taken place. So we’re going to have perpetual affirmative action, perpetual quotas.

What does it mean? What it means is that people who are minorities who have not accomplished as much to qualify, are going to be pushed ahead anyway. Because we’ve held ’em down for so long it’s the only thing we can do to make up for our sins. Now the libs’ very own theory, their very own belief system, their very own policy has resulted in something they abhor — or at least Geraldine Ferraro does — and I will guarantee you, in the bowels of the Clinton campaign, they are saying and have been saying for a long time, ‘How the hell are we being outmaneuvered by some rookie African-American guy?’ Now, these Democrats, they loooove to talk about affirmative action and fairness and so forth, until it affects them — and when it starts to affect them, what do you do? You send Bill Clinton out to basically insult them, as in South Carolina. George Neumayr who writes today in the American Spectator on this whole Ferraro flap, has a great point.

‘Since liberalism is not based upon natural justice but willfulness, [liberalism] never fails to devour its supposed beneficiaries. Ferraro’s condescension captures the tone of paternalistic liberalism perfectly. Its ‘victims’ should know their place and plot their ascent according to the progressive charts set up by the white liberal establishment,’ meaning Obama has reached too far here. So even though this is the party of affirmative action, the party that tells us that this equals fairness, when this fairness affects them, guess what? Somebody like Geraldine Ferraro says he’s only there because he’s black. That’s what she said — and now, she’s mad that people are upset at her. Now, you could look at this in any number of ways. Obama is receiving 90% of the black vote in the Democrat primary. Why is that? Are the differences between Obama and Hillary on policy so different? They’re not. Why are most women voting for Hillary? What is the party of segregation? You tell me. What is the real party that segregates people and puts them into groups and makes victims out of them?

It’s the Democrat Party, and now they’re being done in by their own policies, by their own beliefs. They end up eating themselves with this. Of course we’re helping out with the Rush the Vote and the continual chaos that we’re causing, but they’re doing a lot to help this along themselves. I mean, to be honest here, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be where she is but for the fact that she has ‘Bill Clinton’s wife’ on her résumé and that she’s a woman. Obama would not have received the kind of attention he’s received from the media for who he is, would he? We can’t ask this question? We’re being told we can’t ask the question. Geraldine Ferraro can’t say this. But it looks to me like most of the blacks are voting for him, most of the women are voting for her. That party is segregated. There’s no policy difference, so what’s going on here?

You can’t point this out? The liberals, including some black leaders, say Obama’s election is a referendum on America’s openness to a black candidate, but if Ferraro says that Obama wouldn’t be where he is but for his race, that’s not a question that could be asked? I happen to think that what she said, she should be entitled to say it. If people want to excoriate her for it, she should be excoriated, but all these people running around demanding apologies is just another creation of the Democrat Party. Look at the Clinton campaign. Obama was too ambitious, they said early on, too ambitious. They cited his kindergarten statements to prove it. Remember that, folks? I remember all this stuff. Hillary pointed out that he’s lying about how long he says he wanted to be president. Why, he wrote a kindergarten essay about it — and everybody went, ‘What are you talking about?’ Well, there was a message there. Obama, you are too ambitious right now. You should know your place. Quick phone call, Columbia, South Carolina. John, I really appreciate you holding on. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing, today?

RUSH: Good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: All right. I just got a quick comment. I heard you say earlier there is a difference between the comments you’ve made about McNabb and the ones that Geraldine Ferraro made about Obama. To me, the only difference is that you made a comment about a quarterback on an NFL team that wasn’t even in the lead of his conference at the time, and she’s making the same exact comments about supposedly, from their side, who’s going to be the leader of a free world.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you called, because I think a lot of people think what you think, and I don’t blame you for thinking it. But there is a stark difference between what Mrs. — and it’s ‘Ms.’ Ferraro. What’s her maiden name? John Zaccaro. Yeah, it should be Mrs. Zaccaro and Ms. Ferraro. But I said ‘Mrs.’ Ferraro and it’s not wrong because there is no Mr. Ferraro except her dad, and we don’t want to go there. What she said about Barack Obama was he wouldn’t be anywhere near this presidential race if he were white. Turn it around. He’s only here because he’s black. I didn’t say anything like that about McNabb. I said the media was holding out a little hope for McNabb. They want to build him up because they got a little social justice going on in the sports Drive-Bys, and so they cut black quarterbacks a little slack, if they like them. I never said McNabb was a bad quarterback. I just said he was overrated. I spent a lot of time talking about the talents he does have. I never, ever, said that if he were white, he wouldn’t be a quarterback. I never, ever, said that he’s only a quarterback because he’s black. I did not insult his race at all. I was talking about the Drive-Bys and liberal Democrat social justice. Geraldine Ferraro attacked Obama and said he’s not qualified for anything because he’s black.


RUSH: Lexington, Kentucky. This is Becky. I’m glad you waited. I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hey there, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to make a couple comments about the Ferraro comment.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: And again, based on our premise that they have a difficult time looking beyond race, Geraldine Ferraro obviously has a difficult time looking beyond color, because isn’t Barack Obama’s mother… Wasn’t she white?

RUSH: Shh, shh, shh. See, we’re not supposed to say that, either. We can’t. Look, they’re really putting restrictions on us out there, Becky. You can’t point that out, because that means he’s not all black, he’s not black enough. Can’t do that. We can’t mention that his dad was a (whispers) ‘Muslim.’ Can’t do it.

CALLER: But he wouldn’t be in the position that he is if he was a white man.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s what Geraldine Ferraro said.

CALLER: Yes, exactly.

RUSH: But the funniest aspect of this to me is, who is the party that sponsors this kind of stuff?

CALLER: Precisely.

RUSH: They have been telling us that unqualified people merit advancement because they’re minorities that have been discriminated against, and now one of them (laughs) wants to take the party away from the Clintons, and guess what? That’s not what they had in mind.

CALLER: They certainly had no problem trotting him out at the ’04 convention as the rising star of the Democratic Party, did they?

RUSH: Not at all. Good point. They had no idea it was going to lead to this.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. And why did they bring him out? Why do you think? To unify and get the black vote.

RUSH: To continue to do that and because… (sigh) I don’t even want to answer this. Think back to what Joe Biden said. That’s how Joe Biden would answer the question that you asked, and let his words be the ones that you hear. Do you remember that?


RUSH: ‘Articulate,’ Joe Biden said.

CALLER: Oh, that’s right.

RUSH: It’s good finally we got an articulate black guy in our party running for president. Clean. Clean, articulate. I think they brought him out for exactly what you say. They brought him out for unity and they said to the black population, ‘Hey, look! Look at what we got here! Look at what we’re doing for you. You, too, could be a senator someday and be big in our party.’

CALLER: The ‘rising star.’

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s what we were fed.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The rising star.

RUSH: No question about it, he was.

CALLER: Okay. Fast-forward. If Hillary should steal the nomination and Barack decides not to become the VP —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — then what is it going to do to…?

RUSH: I will tell you what will happen. If that happens, you are going to see more black voters stay home and not vote than you’ve ever seen before, and you’re going to see 10 to 20% of them cross over and vote for McCain, and you are going to see… Well, I’m going to stop predicting there. But that’s what you will see. People are not going to talk about this. The Drive-Bys are not going to talk about this, but there is rage in the black community over that possibility, and they see it shaping up. They are mad about it.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Are you still there, Beck’?

CALLER: I sure am.

RUSH: Okay. Because your turn to talk now.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: You must not have been given a chance to talk much at your house, but here you are. (laughter)

CALLER: (laughter) Well, I’m just kind of awe-struck by talking to you, Rush.

RUSH: No. You’re awestruck because… Well, you’re not really awestruck. You’re just proud that I have given you credit for being brilliant, which you have been.

CALLER: (giggling) Uh, it’s because I listen to you all of the time.

RUSH: Is your face turning red?

CALLER: It is! (giggling)

RUSH: (laughter) Mine already was. All right, Becky, thanks. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: All right. Now, I’m telling you, folks, there is a seething rage out there. It’s about… If Hillary gets the nomination, after all of this, Democrats have a lesson to learn over this.


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