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“I am not a surrogate. I am a liberated American who will discuss the candidates as I see fit without the help of McCain campaign talking points.”

“Spitzer’s wife, Silda, did not look good, but I now know why: She was urging him not to resign. Now, what do youmake of that? I don’t think you and I have the slightest understanding of the kind of power these people seek to exercise in the world of politics.”

“Eliot Spitzer is what Mike Nifong wanted to be: no control, no discipline, and pure exercise of political power to destroy people.”

“Obama has an insurmountable lead in delegates right now; Hillary would have to get 80% of the vote in every remaining primary to win. Well, Saddam and Fidel did it, that’s true.”

“You just have to know that in the bowels of the Republican Party complex, they’re sitting there laughing themselves silly over Rush the Vote and Operation Chaos. They don’t have the gonads to do it, but we’re doing it!”

“A tiger is a tiger, a Drive-By journalist is a Drive-By journalist, and a Clinton is a Clinton.”

“I would like to challenge Barack Obama, who is demanding corrections from everybody else who misspeaks about him, to prove that I ever said that immigrants ought to be rounded up and deported. I insist on an apology for this falsehood.”

“Equal pay for equal work is something that the Democrats have sponsored ever since I have been hosting this radio program. Why should one prostitute get $5,500 an hourwhile another one gets only$1,000 an hour?”

“Being called a racist? Welcome to the club, Geraldine — but stop whining. It’s happened to you once. There are those of us on our side to whom it’s been a lifetime accusation.”

“Oh, yeah! Nile Rodgers here — some Good Times! I love this group: Chic.”

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