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RUSH: What a fabulous day, strap yourselves in because it’s going to be a goody. No, I’m not talking about Spitzer. I’m not taking any joy or schadenfreude in this. Spitzer was a rotten guy, what goes around comes around. He tried to destroy a bunch of people. Spitzer, ladies and gentlemen, is all part of Operation Chaos, started by me. Now, I can’t lay any claim to what happened to Spitzer, but there is so much chaos in the Democrat Party, and it’s now being credited to me on several Democrat blogs. It’s literally a delight to see. By the way, there’s tape of Spitzer coming back out today for his resignation. His wife, Silda, did not look good, but I now know why. She is the one of all of his advisors urging him not to resign. Now, what do you do make of that, Dawn? That’s telling. She was the one that was imploring him to stick this out, to not resign, certainly not resign in haste. It has to mean something. She had to know some of this. You know what, folks, I think? I don’t think you and I have the slightest understanding of the kind of power these people seek and execute and exercise in the world of politics. We know there’s power and we know that they want it, but I think the quest, the desire, the thirst for that power to acquire it and then to use it obscures virtually everything else.

We had a big, long discussion yesterday about character, and it’s clear to me that in this case, the fact that she wanted him to hang in there, the power of all of that, giving it up is more painful than whatever he has done to his family. The Drive-By Media today, you go through some of it stories, ‘Spitzer Escort: Governor Was a Nice Guy and a Good Tipper.’ So they went out and they found some hooker. A 22-year-old escort found on another call girl website told ABC News in a phone interview that Governor Spitzer had been one of her customers two years ago. He’d been at this for ten years, by the way, even when he was attorney general. ‘He didn’t do anything that wasn’t clean,’ she said. She knew who he was because he had made calls from the attorney general’s office in Brooklyn. This little girl is trying to be helpful, and she is just hammering more nails in this guy’s coffin. But the story, oh, he was a nice guy. He was a good tipper, such a wonderful man.

Then there’s this piece in the Los Angeles Times. ‘As an evolutionary biologist, I look at New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s now-public sexual indiscretions and feel justified in saying, ‘I told you so.’ One of the most startling discoveries of the last 15 years has been the extent of sexual infidelity (scientists call it ‘extra-pair copulations’ or EPCs) among animals long thought to be monogamous. It’s clear that social monogamy — physical association and child rearing between a male and a female — and sexual monogamy are very different things. The former is common; the latter is rare. … One species that is, and, significantly, perhaps the only one that could be reliably designated as’ monogamous, is the parasite worm. And, of course, geese, there’s swans, they mate for life. But this guy, this is just like when Clinton was lying through his teeth back during the 1990s, we had stories, ‘lying is good, it’s helpful, it spares people hurt feelings.’ Now, ‘well, what’s the big deal? Everybody does it.’ I mean the Drive-Bys all morning, all last night, were just beside themselves.

There was a great story today, too, in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberley Strassel about how the Drive-By Media enabled this guy. When he was out destroying people, ruining people, threatening people, they stood by and applauded because he was going after people that traditional liberals hate: Wealthy people, people on Wall Street, corporate titans. They enabled him by emboldening him, by not being critical, by not examining any of the evidence that the guy was using to try to destroy people. So, anyway, he’s finished, and at least for now in political life. I was stunned last night when I found out it was his wife who was urging him to hang in there, the elegant and sophisticated Silda Spitzer, ‘Don’t quit now, Eliot, don’t quit now.’ At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton asked for some time on the program today.

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RUSH: One more thing about Eliot Spitzer you have to understand. A lot of people ask, ‘Why did the media love Spitzer?’ Well, here was the official Drive-By prosecutor is the way to look at this. I mean, he was going after targets that the left despises institutionally, not so much personally. Here’s how Spitzer operated, folks. He would threaten to ruin people. He would file an action. He’d call a big press conference accusing these people, besmirching these people, and then squeeze them into settling to some consent decree to avoid the full force and power of his office. But few of his targets were actually found to have done anything wrong. This is what he did. Eliot Spitzer is what Mike Nifong wanted to be. If you really haven’t followed Spitzer’s career and you don’t know much about him, Spitzer had to be Nifong’s role model. I mean, this kind of excess — no control, no discipline, pure exercise of political power to destroy people — is exactly what Spitzer was engaged in. It was great press based on no substance, and the moral of it all is that he had no more business being a prosecutor than the Drive-Bys have a claim on being objective — and this piece in the Wall Street Journal today by Kimberley Strassel just nails the Drive-By Media and their enabling behavior of Eliot Spitzer. Simply put, capitalism was his target, and he went after it with a vengeance.


RUSH: Last night Anderson Cooper 180 on CNN, he had Professor Dershowitz from Harvard on, and Anderson Cooper said, ‘Professor Dershowitz, if you were defending Eliot Spitzer, what would your defense be?’

DERSHOWITZ: Let me be very clear that I would not only defend Governor Spitzer, I would defend Larry Craig, I would defend Rush Limbaugh, I would defend that Louisiana congressman. This is not for me a Republican-Democrat issue. This is for me a question about the proper role of government in the private lives of public figures. What I would argue, of course, is selective prosecution.

RUSH: Defend me? What have I done that I don’t know about? (interruption) Oh, the mistresses. Oh, yeah, I forgot. (laughter) The mistresses. Mark Green was being interviewed by Larry King fill-in host John King about the Spitzer scandal, ‘Is the writing on the wall? Is there any chance that Spitzer can stay as the governor of his state?’

GREEN: President Clinton, Senator Vitter, Senator Craig all had different scandals. Stayed. The problem, though, is Eliot Spitzer will be savaged by the tabloids and national media. Should he even survive in the short term, I believe it’s impossible that he would win reelection in 2010. And then there’s the putting his family through it, which is — should be number one, two, and three. Finally, in New York, Democrats in the state Senate have been minority for 40 years. Democrats have been within one seat of taking over the state Senate.

RUSH: Yeah. Of course, it’s moot now. But you see what his focus was on there? Oh, the power! Concern for party power. ‘Spitzer’s worthless now. Throw him under the bus. Throw him overboard. He’s toast. We can’t use him anymore. See you later, Eliot — maybe in court.’ By the way, Client No. 6 has apparently been named. He is the Duke of Westminster. ‘The Duke of Westminster is an alleged former client of escort agency used by Spitzer. The Duke of Westminster, whose seven billion pound property empire makes him Britain’s third richest man, was accused of paying thousands of pounds to prostitutes he ordered through the London branch of the Emperor’s Club VP.’ Now, you know where I saw this story? I just got it. The story is at the Telegraph UK. Now, Professor Dershowitz on Monday said that a story like this would barely make the back page in Europe. Well, tell that to the Duke of Westminster who’s on the front page of the Telegraph for his association with the same bunch of whores that Spitzer was using.


RUSH: Ken Langone was one of those pursued by Eliot Spitzer. Ken Langone I know. I don’t know him well, would not say that he is a close friend, but I know him. See him on golf courses. He’s on the board of directors, New York Stock Exchange when Spitzer went after Dick Grasso. I think Langone was the only member of the board that Spitzer also pursued. Langone is a man’s man. He was on CNBC Monday night. An unidentified reporterette said to him, ‘Tell me why you think Spitzer should resign.’

LANGONE: Because he’s a hypocrite. He destroyed reputations of people who had good reputations and deserved reputations. He talked today about his standards. What he didn’t talk about was the standards he held everybody else to that he couldn’t keep. So how do I feel? I certainly feel sorry for his daughters, very much so. I don’t know his wife, but I have to assume she has some idea of this happening. For him? It couldn’t be enough to please me. You know, we all have our own private hells. I hope his private hell is hotter than anybody else’s.

RUSH: You have no idea how many people around the country, especially in the Northeast, have the same intense dislike for Eliot Spitzer as articulated here by Ken Langone.

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