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RUSH: I do not get back-channel messages from Hillary asking for anything. The only thing she’s doing is threatening me. ‘Be careful what you wish for, Rush.’ You know, she said that on Fox last week on the morning show. Speaking of the Clintons, since they will too anything to win — we know that they will — and the mainstream media, the Drive-By Media has conceded that the Clintons will do anything to win. You’ve heard them say that. That means what? It means that the Clintons can do anything and not raise so much as a liberal eyebrow. This is key, folks, to understand here, as Operation Chaos proceeds down the track. The Clintons will do anything to win. The Drive-Bys have conceded that they will do anything to win, which means the Clintons can do anything and not raise so much as a liberal eyebrow. What it means is that there are no standards that the Clintons are violating. There are no rules that they can break. There are no dirty tricks that they can execute. There are no race cards that they won’t play. And certainly that would not get any reaction from journalists other than, ‘The Clintons will do anything to win.’ They’ve now got a clean slate. Everybody knows they’ll do everything to win.

The Drive-By Media, just like they looked the other way the Spitzer. They enabled Spitzer. The Drive-Bys are going to enable the Clinton campaign by saying, ‘Wow! Look at what Hillary and Bill just did. Why, they will do anything to win,’ and they’ll eat it up because it will make for exciting news. Now, this is not a complaint. I don’t want you to misunderstand here. A tiger is a tiger, a Drive-By journalist is a Drive-By journalist, and a Clinton is a Clinton. But the media table, ladies and gentlemen, is set, and the table is set with this: ‘The Clintons can do anything.’ The only question that you have now is: Are there any limits to anything? It might be fun to think out loud. What, if anything, could the Clintons do that would force the media to sing, ‘They can do anything, but they can’t do that.’ At what point do they say, ‘Wait a minute! We know you can do anything, but you can’t do that.’ What would it be? They’ve got a free road ahead of them. Mark my words. The Limbaugh Effect, Rush the Vote, and the chaos that we have created has cleared the highway for the Clintons. They can do anything they want, and nobody can say anything, other than the Obama campaign. They can sit around and whine and moan. (interruption) She would not thank me publicly. If she were to thank me publicly… We don’t want that. We don’t want her doing that. Now, the Obama camp might think about doing it. ‘We’d like to thank Rush Limbaugh on behalf of Hillary Clinton, for screwing this all up. But despite it, we’re going to win anyway.’ (laughter) He ought to do it!

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