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Rush’s Morning Update: Chaos
March 13, 2008

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All right, folks. Today, a brief review of some Democrat battle zones in the Rush the Vote Operation Chaos:

•General Geraldine Ferraro is refusing to back down from her recent statement: “If Obama was a white man, he wouldn’t be in this [winning] position.” Now Obama and Ferraro are accusing each other of dividing the nation! Meanwhile, Commander-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton threw General Ferraro under the bus.

•In Texas, Democrat Party officials have– temporarily– given up trying to determine who actually won their caucus. Democrats created such a confusing process that they can’t evenfigure it out themselves! (But they still want to run our health care.)

•In Florida, Clinton supporter Senator Bill Nelson has proposed a “mail-in” do-over primary. The idea is being fought by Alcee Hastings and members of Florida’s House delegation, who are worried about “ballot security.” They must know Clinton, Inc. all too well. Meanwhile, Justice Brother Al Sharpton is threatening to sue if Florida’s delegation is seated at the Democrat Convention in Denver.

•On another chaotic Democrat battlefield, there’s no resolution on the horizon regarding Michigan’s unseated delegates.

•New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer– Clinton Superdelegate No. 9– is gone. The incoming governor is a Clinton backer, but he doesn’t have nearly the…juice… that Spitzer… had.

•And though Obama has an insurmountable lead in delegates, leads in the popular vote, he might be good enough by August to be Hillary’s running mate –says Clinton, Inc.

This is great, folks! What an Uncivil War! “Operation Chaos” is working magnificently. You are following orders to a T! Thank you!

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