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RUSH: You know, I’ve been hosting the program doing a multitask here. I’ve been hosting the program, and I’ve also been looking at other media: television, computer, websites. I have noticed that there is real, almost a sense of beleaguered torture in the Democrat Party over the fall of the New York governor, Eliot ‘The Spritz’ Spitzer. They are all concerned if it’s going to affect the Hillary campaign. That seems to be the number-one question. Actually, Hillary ought to be happy he’s gone. He was the source of some of her biggest problems: the driver’s licenses for illegals in New York and a couple other things. But I want to help. I’m here to help.

We want to lift all boats. We want to lift all peoples. And even though we have inspired a lot of chaos on the Democrat side, there are things I think Democrats forgot in their staple of policies that could turn this negative — this Spitzer negative — into a positive. It’s very simple. The new governor, David Paterson — perhaps in conjunction with President Clinton, or any number of liberal Democrats — should make the case again (this is an ideal time for it) for equal pay for equal work. That’s something the Democrats have sponsored and been in favor of ever since I have been hosting radio programs for over 20 years. Why should one prostitute get $5,500 an hour and another one only get $1,000?

(playing of Love Client No. 9 parody song)

RUSH: You’re listening to the Rush Limbaugh program, the one and only on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Bill Clinton’s vocal portrayal by ‘white comedian’ Paul Shanklin.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: Talent on loan from God-d.

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