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RUSH: It’s such a delight to see all this happening. Now, I don’t know where it’s going to end up, and the odds are, as far as the Democrats are concerned, by the time they get down to convention time they’ll probably be able to put all this together because political parties usually do. They usually are able to unify. But this is going to go on through the convention and what’s going to happen is that it’s going to create a lot of ad opportunities for Republican groups during the general election, and it’s going to show, it’s going to illustrate to the American people who the Clintons are, what the Democrat Party always has been, and those images are going to remain even after the Democrats go through their quasi-unity. But I’ll tell you, if they do do this dream ticket, as I sit here today, I remember it was a year ago in April, I’ll never forget that, a year ago in April I predicted to you on this program, I said to you, as of then, April of 2007, 80% chance Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

Now, six weeks ago, two months ago, some people might have written her off totally. But look where we are. Obama has a 700,000 popular vote lead, Obama has a pledged delegate lead that cannot be overcome, he has won more states than she has, and he’s got his share of superdelegates. And still Mrs. Clinton and her campaign are running around saying, ‘Yeah, and that really qualifies him to be number two. That qualifies him to be my vice president. He’s only weak on foreign policy, but by August he might have that down pat to where we could put him on the ticket.’ Obama is sitting there scratching his head, ‘What the hell is this? The loser is out there telling the world that I’m qualified to be vice president and at the same time I’m not qualified,’ because they’re saying he’s not qualified to be president, but they’re saying he’s qualified to be vice president. How the hell does that work? Obama’s been taken so far off his game he’s now lying about me, and I’m not even running. Not even on anybody’s ticket.

I am the maverick in this campaign. When you get right down to it, I am the maverick. I don’t get anybody’s talking points. I don’t follow anybody’s toe-the-line demand, causing havoc in the Democrat Party, and probably my share of it in the Republican Party, too. But this Democrat campaign, they go to the convention, the Clintons, everybody knows they will do anything to win, and the media has said they will do anything to win, which means the media is gonna let them do anything to win. They’ll sit back and watch it. Great show, great story. (interruption) Well, they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at — oh, kitchen sink is nothing. Wait ’til they throw the bathtub, then they’ll throw the shower stall, if that doesn’t work, they’ll start throwing the cars and throw the refrigerator. They’ve got a lot of stuff left in the mansion of the Clintons to throw at Obama, and they’re going to throw it. That’s the point. They are going to throw it. They’ll probably unify, but even after they unify, folks, either way, if it’s Obama-Hillary, Hillary is going to be seething, plotting, even while shaking hands on unity, how to undermine this guy as soon as she can. He may not have a choice, Snerdley, is my point. You gotta listen to me. I know you’re screening calls in there, but the point, he’s going to have to win really big. He’s going to have to win this decisively to earn the right to pick his own vice president, or somebody’s going to say, you’re going to have to put her on there in order for us to have unity. He has not earned the right to pick his own.

See, most white Democrat presidential nominees get to choose their own vice president. But Obama hasn’t earned that yet, he’s not experienced enough, he hasn’t won by a large enough number, and besides, damn it, the Clintons want it! I’m telling you, nothing in this campaign is going by the book. Why do you want to start going by the book now? They never put her on the ticket — he may not have a choice. He doesn’t know that himself. He might think he has a choice. You wait ’til they start talking about unity. But even after they get unified — quote, unquote, unified — there is going to be a seething rage on the part of both of them, no matter what the public presentation of love, compassion, embraces, handshakes and all that. With the Clintons as number two — (laughing) — there can never be peace, there can never be unity. With Obama at number two, that would blow ’em up. If he wins this but they put him at number two, that would blow up all the unity in the black community and the Hispanic community. So, folks, this is going to be fun to watch, and we are going to continue here to play our role in roiling the waters of the Democrat primary, Operation Chaos will continue. I don’t think it’s going to take much more now because it’s in full swing.

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