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RUSH: Let’s go to audio sound bite number one. This is President Bush in Nashville yesterday, at the National Religious Broadcasters Association Convention and a portion of his remarks.

THE PRESIDENT: Some members of Congress want to reinstate a regulation that was repealed 20 years ago. It has the Orwellian name called the Fairness Doctrine. We know who these advocates of so-called balance really have in their sights: shows hosted by people like Rush Limbaugh or many of you in here today. By insisting on so-called balance, they want to silence those they don’t agree with. They don’t acknowledge that you are the balance. I’ll tell you this. If Congress should ever balance any legislation that stifles your right to express your views, I’m going to veto it. (wild applause)

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on. The applause went on for quite a while, there. The president is on the record with the Fairness Doctrine — and, by the way, he’s exactly right about it. He told that audience, ‘You are the balance.’ We are the balance. People say, ‘You need to balance your show, Limbaugh. It’s nothing but you all day.’ That’s right! We don’t need equal time; I am equal time — and was when we started — against all of the Drive-By monopoly dominance that was out there before we came along.

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