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RUSH: By the way, I want to tell you a quick little story, folks, about the Mayflower Hotel. I’ve stayed there. This is where Hillary Clinton superdelegate number nine, Eliot Spitzer had the now-famous tryst with Kristen, the really beautiful brunette, 5’5′ and 108 pounds. It’s so funny to read people’s comments about this. Some people are offended he made her take the train. Not the fast train, but the regional train, the Amtrak from New York down to Washington. You know, we’re talking about the Mann Act here, transporting women across state lines for prostitution. The Mann Act. In fact, if the feds are looking at him, I don’t think they’re looking at it from a prostitution angle and all, I think it has to do with the laws on structuring and money laundering and that kind of thing, which is how they first became aware of this. But people are all upset, ‘Why couldn’t he put her on the fast train, the Acela?’ It’s a government subsidized form of transportation, I understand all that. But he didn’t send her on the Acela, he sent her on a regional thing that stops every 15 minutes.

Anyway, one thing I’ve learned here, folks, and please don’t take this the wrong way, this whole discussion, I’ve been so uncomfortable, this is something I had to talk about, but I don’t know anything about any of this. I refuse to speculate. I don’t know anything about prostitution. I don’t know anything about any aspect of this. We had this woman caller describing her first husband, they were at some fundraiser and he was off talking to someone, ignoring her. She got a little upset, said, ‘I’m just going in to sit down,’ and he came in later and said, ‘Don’t you ever do that again. We go in together. We go in when I say so,’ is what she said that he said to her. In my case, I’m the one who’s usually being talked to that way. I’m not qualified to discuss this. I am out of touch. I’m listening to all these guys, like Carville and all these Democrats, ‘No big deal.’ Alan Dershowitz, ‘Prostitution, hell, what’s the big deal about that, been happening all over the world.’ I know it has, but I don’t think it’s morally correct and I don’t think it’s good for a culture and good for a society. I just don’t. I think Carville could go out and see a prostitute and go home and tell Mary he did it and see what happens, if it’s so forward thinking and so advanced and not a big deal.

At any rate, I once stayed at the Mayflower Hotel. It’s a great, great old hotel, and it was in 1986, I was in Sacramento at the station there. I never did guests, but they wanted me to do guests my whole career, even though what I was doing was a stunning, smashing success, I still had these program directors who thought they knew better. They wanted me to go to Washington for a week and have a five-day or maybe it was a four-day series of guests. So we had California congressmen and senators and so forth, local Washington media types and one of the guests that I really wanted to get was Vitaly Churkin, who was in the Soviet embassy, he was a routine regular visitor on Nightline back in those days. He spoke perfect English without any trace of a Russian accent, and the guy was fascinating. We are being infiltrated right before our eyes and this guy is a perfect example of it, was one of Gorbachev’s front guys and so forth, so he agreed to come on the show. And the night before he’s scheduled to come on, I went out to dinner, got back to the hotel, and I figured that my room was bugged by the Soviet embassy since Vitaly Churkin was going to be on the next day, and I was petrified that he would somehow cancel it or decide not to show up once he’d done research and found out that I was a full-blooded patriotic American who wasn’t buying any of this glasnost perestroika garbage

So I kept talking to the walls, as though the Soviets could listen to me. ‘Mr. Churkin, please show up. I promise it will be fine.’ I just was convinced they were bugging, not really, but I was just having fun with it. I wouldn’t have been surprised. But he showed up, actually showed up. My first question, ‘Are you KGB?’ And he just started laughing and said, ‘You mean a member of the committee for state security?’ I said, ‘Yes, are you KGB?’ He sort of hem, hawed around and tried to make me think the question was just idiotic, not even insulting, it was just silly and so forth. I said, ‘Where do you live? You live in the embassy?’ Said, ‘No, I live in Arlington, right out among your natives.’ I said, ‘Do they know you’re KGB?’ (laughing) And you know what? Vitaly Churkin is still around. I saw him. He’s not public as much, but I saw him some months ago on television. He’s with Putin, who was KGB. So he’s still around.


RUSH: Curt in the Bay Area out in California. Hi. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Well, thank you so much, Rush. I am outraged at the double standard that Spitzer and other men in positions of power seem to think they have. If their wife was paying for sex from a male prostitute, they would be outraged and embarrassed. This guy is a scumbag, and so are others like him, and he needs to get out of office right now.

RUSH: Well, I think he’s trying to hang on. I think he’s trying to finagle a way not to resign, and I think he’s looking at Bill Clinton, for one, as an example of how he can hold on. I don’t think (sigh), despite the attention people pay to this, Curt, I don’t think that a number of guys, people on our side just understand. I don’t think they have a grasp of what power is to these people on the left, how badly they want it, how badly they thirst for it, how badly they covet it. And the fact that they’re just going to give it up? Spitzer’s gonna go down in flames trying to hold onto this.

CALLER: You’re right, Rush, and listen, I really appreciate you taking my call.

RUSH: All right. Thanks so much, Curt. I appreciate it. Here is Ward in Oklahoma City. Nice to have you, Ward, great to hear from you. Hello.

CALLER: Well, it’s great to be on, Rush. I just wanted to reinforce the point that you made earlier that if it’s a Republican that gets into trouble, that probably ‘Republican’ is the first word out of their mouth when they make the announcement.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: But then I think one of the worst examples was when Gary Condit got in trouble. I had no idea what party he belonged to. Even on the news, on CNN, it said Gary Condit ‘R-e-p,’ California.

RUSH: Right. I know.

CALLER: Like he was the House of Representatives.

RUSH: Same thing with Spitzer, the broadcast networks did their best to hide it last night in their reports. The New York Times in their first report posted on their website, had his identity as a Democrat in the third paragraph. Later they revised the story, you had to read to the 15th paragraph to find the mention of his political party affiliation. It’s just what it is. Democrats, they circle the wagons as best they can and protect their own. They are doing that to a certain extent here with Governor Spitzer. Folsom, North Carolina, Jim, thank you for calling. You’re next.

CALLER: Hey, mega Moonshine Creek dittos, Rush.

RUSH: We-e-ell, thank you, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, not only are they protecting the Democrats, but I read the USA Today article today, and nowhere in the article does it mention Spitzer is a Democrat. In fact, they even mention about McGreevey, and they don’t say he’s a Democrat. Way down on paragraph 30 is the first mention of a party is when they start paragraph with, of course, Senator Craig Republican from Idaho, and then they go through all his problems.

RUSH: Yeah. Right.

CALLER: I just think that you may not know… You don’t know the ins and outs of the women’s part, but you know these liberals like the back of your hand, because once again they crucify Republicans and hide their own from public view.

RUSH: Yeah. But the difference is we don’t crucify theirs. We join the chorus. ‘It is a tragedy. We feel so bad for the family.’ I know the theory behind this. The theory is, ‘We want to differentiate ourselves from the Democrats. We don’t want to be like Democrats, and we don’t (grumbling).’ That’s fine, but we’re going to continue to lose if that is the attitude that we have. I mean, folks, it’s gotten so bad, we will actually have our guys resign to please Democrats — to show that we’re big people, show that we understand the morality and ethics and integrity. We will resign. When something like this happens, why resign? Say, ‘It’s a private matter. It’s none of your business. He didn’t hurt anybody! Why, it’s antiquated culture. This wouldn’t even make the back page of the European newspapers.’ There are two different playing fields, and we’re not on the one they’re playing on right now.

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